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Thriving startup community means jobs aplenty ... for the right candidates

The large number of open jobs in the startup community indicates growing success, but working for a startup has unique challenges. Recruiters and employers discuss the critical qualities required for a good fit between companies and employees.

Ohio's rural biz incubators thrive with best practices, clear results

Ohio is home to a host of smaller and rural business incubators. Despite dispersed populations and limited local markets, many are getting results similar to their urban counterparts--on much tighter budgets.

Founder Focus: David Hunegnaw of AboutOurWork

David Hunegnaw is a stalwart supporter of Columbus' entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as a thriving member of it. His company, AboutOurWork, just topped 100,000 users, so hiVelocity decided it was time to check in with this fast-moving Ohio business founder.

Competitions, top talent, meetups and tours: fall events rock the Buckeye State

From a national cutting-edge fuel cell and energy convention to an Octoberfest-style meetup, Ohio will host an array of dazzling events this fall that will attract techies and entrepreneurs alike from across the state as well as the nation.

A mighty wind: thousands pledge to buy wind-fueled power

As the nation's first freshwater offshore wind project cranks up off the coast of Cleveland, thousands of people are pledging to pay a little more for power that comes from this alternative source.

Ohio's food industry serves up innovation

With the help of advocates such as the Toledo-based Center for Innovation in Food Technology, Ohio's food innovators enhance what's natural, create new products, and make food safer and more convenient.

Meet Len Gray, legal entrepreneur and Ohio transplant

Attorney and Memphis native Len Gray relocated to northeast Ohio to launch Inlaw.me, an online recruiting tool for the legal industry. The local business community's spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm is what drew him to the Buckeye State.

Ohio's supercomputer: 154 trillion calculations per second

A massive computer cluster housed in the Ohio Supercomputer Center operates at staggering speeds--and businesses large and small around the state are using the digital giant to break through technological barriers.

Labor Day break

The hiVelocity team is taking the week off to celebrate the end of summer. Enjoy the holiday weekend and check back on September 12 for a fresh lineup of articles. We've got some great stories in the works.

Cincinnati's path to fostering entrepreneurship

hiVelocity examines how Cincinnati can make the most of its strengths and capitalize on the diversity of the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ohio's neurostimulation industry: on the brink of a breakout

After decades of cutting-edge research in neurostimulation therapy, Ohio's biomed industry is welcoming a variety of new companies and innovative devices. Relief for patients isn't far behind.

Creative placemaking breathes new life into northeast Ohio neighborhoods

Recent grants awarded to Cleveland's Collinwood and St. Clair Superior neighborhoods are enabling creative placemaking, a national movement in which arts- and culture-based projects aim to revitalize communities and boost local economies.

Ohio's aerospace industry: the $8 billion powerhouse

With two new research centers on the horizon, Ohio's aerospace industry is flying into the future on the wings of private and public support.

Symbiotic economics: Ohio's corporate establishment meets the startup community

Ohio's biggest names in business give back to the state's economic ecosystem by lending a helping hand to startups and entrepreneurs.

Video: Cincinnati Timelapse by Roadtrippers

A dynamic view of the Queen City courtesy of Roadtrippers. Filmed by Joel Schat.

State funds bridge hard times, pave a path to success for Ohio entrepreneurs

Ohio Third Frontier's generous funding programs bolster startups from the pre-seed stage, over the "valley of death," and through commercialization.

The money guide

As a companion to our main feature, hiVelocity outlines some of Ohio's state-sponsored funding opportunities for the innovative and savvy.

Founder Focus: Nikita Eelen of AMVONET

The young powerhouse talks about juggling a burgeoning business and a new wife while furthering his education in quirky Alliance, Ohio.

Q & A: Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, manager of watershed programs, NEORSD

Stormwater run-off can overflow sewers, flood homes, erode roads and stream banks, and pollute waterways. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District seeks to address these issues. Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, manager of watershed programs for NEORSD, explains what that means for residents.

Ohio's alternative office spaces: high tech, cool digs

A waterfront airport, a 120-year-old barge and an old brewery as office spaces? Adventurous members of Ohio's tech industry have already made the transitions a reality by elevating the green concept of reuse to a new level.

TechPint: a slideshow

TechPint is a new event series that mixes up innovation and networking at Cleveland's favorite watering holes. It kicked off last month and hiVelocity has the pictures to prove it!

Ohio: 5,000 interns and counting

Ohio's internship programs fight young adult brain drain by preparing ready-made talent for employers and give budding professionals a solid path to success.

VFA alum, East Coast native grows roots in Ohio

Last year, Dan Bloom moved from the East Coast to Ohio to become a Venture for America Fellow. Now he has a full-time gig of his own and plans to launch his own startup, a new eatery in Cincinnati.

Suburban tech centers: where community meets co-working

Inventors and entrepreneurs are finding new homes in Ohio cities--but not the ones full of expressways and skyscrapers. Tech centers, community maker spaces and business accelerators are popping up in the not-so-sleepy suburbs, where they blend co-working, convenience and community.

Health care innovations: good therapy for Ohio and beyond

From healing nectars to the amazing new world of genetic engineering, health care innovations in Ohio will nurture the most fragile patients.

Founder Focus: Matt Braun of Magnate Interactive

Toledo entrepreneur Matt Braun is on fire with a red hot new social game app, SketchParty TV.

Cleveland developer teams with non-profits to flip vacant homes on a dime

One creative Cleveland developer has partnered with local nonprofits to turn urban blight into fallow, flipping dilapidated vacant homes for as much as it would cost to demolish them. The frugal concept works courtesy of a keen focus on minimalism, material reuse and upcycling.

Ohio's R & D frontier spawns jobs, innovation and visibility

Providing funds to explore a cutting edge food processing technique, establish a national 3D printing innovation hub and attract a Global Technical Center are just some of the ways Ohio Third Frontier’s Industrial Research Development Center Program supports public-private collaboration in order to spawn innovation and create jobs.

Building up STEAM: Adding the arts into STEM education efforts

Right brain versus left brain? The age-old myth has some modern day challengers. New STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) advocates are calling for arts integration -- and the movement is building as schools across Ohio use the arts to enhance creativity and problem-solving.

Entrepreneurs riding the road to success thanks to growing bike-based economy

Cleveland is joining cool cities across the nation as they embrace a bicycling culture that provides alternative transportation while encouraging healthy living -- and a healthy $6 billion industry across the U. S. alone.

Founder Focus: Gene Powell of Seed Coworking and Spoke

Gene Powell is one of the Glass City's most energetic entrepreneurs and supporters. He is founder of Spoke, a digital marketing firm, and Seed Coworking, a coworking space in Downtown Toledo, and a sponsor of StartUp Toledo.

Bringing their talents to Ohio: entrepreneurs flock to the Buckeye State

In growing numbers, fresh-faced entrepreneurs are passing over the coasts and points in between and choosing Ohio to plant and nurture their startups. The state's dazzling array of come-hither accelerators, incubators and advocates make the choice a natural.

Erin O'Brien joins hiVelocity as Managing Editor

hiVelocity's new Managing Editor Erin O'Brien looks forward to uncovering Ohio's dynamic entrepreneurial spirit within these pages. The life-long Ohioan has the energy—as well as the experience—to go the distance and then some.

High school entrepreneurs reach for the stars with new businesses

Entrepreneurial programs across Ohio are opening doors for high school students, who are forging their own futures as well as Ohio's by turning their unsinkable energy and fresh ideas into real-world businesses.

Q & A with Jason Langdon, Cincinnati Mini-Maker Faire

Louisville had a fire-breathing pony. New York had 3-D printers and makerbots galore. Cincinnati Maker Faire Founder Jason Langdon looks forward to seeing what the local science, DIY and art community has to offer in the city's first all-ages, all-genres celebration of maker culture this October in Washington Park.

Big data spawns little shoots as startups spread across Ohio

Where the heck do you store a petabyte? What can mountains of healthcare data tell us about treating illness, and how do we mine them? With startups, small businesses and new collegiate fields of study, Ohio is tapping into the world of big data in small ways with solid -- and growing -- results.

Work in progress: Cleveland making strides to attract young talent

For those who don't already know, Cleveland is a place where culture, education, creativity and innovation flourishes affordably. At least, that's the message city boosters are trying to sell to mobile young professionals. According to who you ask, that strategy is either working, working slowly, or not working well at all.

Ohio's smaller communities innovate to retain and attract talent

Data shows Ohio's rural communities and smaller metros are hemorrhaging young adults -- a key to maintaining an entrepreneurial and civically engaged society. Despite the uphill battle, many smaller communities in Ohio are finding creative means to retain and attract young, talented workers.

Brain gain: Keeping fresh talent on home turf

From entrepreneurship competitions that offer prizes to top startups at Ohio colleges to an array of enticing resources that connect young talent to jobs, the Buckeye State is plugging up brain drain and turning it into brain gain.

hiVelocity seeks Managing Editor

hiVelocity is seeking a qualified journalist to serve as the publication's next Managing Editor. For more information, please view the job description.

User-friendly workshops bring high-tech maker world down to earth

If phrases like "circuit board" and "stereo inspection microscope" sound daunting, you're not alone. The tools of the high-tech maker trade can be über intimidating -- unless you live in Cleveland, where user-friendly places like TechCentral and Think[box] help normal folks to create.

Northeast Ohio riding the wave of a rising water-tech cluster

Once a national punchline, Northeast Ohio's waterways are now wellsprings of a burgeoning water technology industry that advocates believe will be paramount to the region's economic future.

On the rise: Ohio's smaller cities become hotbed for tech startups

With help from incubators, venture capitalists and nonprofits, Ohio's smaller cities -- including Dayton, Youngstown and Athens -- are fast becoming centers for new ideas and innovation outside of the big 3C cities.

The Rise of the Rest: It's not just Silicon Valley anymore, people

Has Silicon Valley jumped the shark? Ask many keen observers of technology communities from coast to coast, and they'll tell you that 2013 is prime time for startups to bloom in unexpected cities like Denver and Cleveland.

Q & A: Dave Karpinski, new VP of Operations at LEEDCo

As new VP of operations for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp (LEEDCo), Dave Karpinski will guide the organization through the next phase in the process of building the nation’s first freshwater offshore wind project. With its first round of financing in tow, LEEDCo must now compete for a critical second infusion of funds against six other projects across the country.

Reshoring helps drive rise in Ohio manufacturing

After ten straight years of decline, Ohio manufacturing employment increased for the second straight year in 2012. Part of the reason is the emerging trend to bring production back to the U.S. from overseas facilities.

Waterfall swing from Cleveland-area innovators turns heads across the globe

Created by engineers and artists from Cleveland, the waterfall swing has now been featured in tech festivals from New York to California and become an overnight Youtube sensation.

Roll (tax) credits: A second look at Ohio's film tax credits

Back in 2011, our sister publication Fresh Water Cleveland ran a feature about Ohio's newly instituted Film Production Tax Credit, which helped attract big-budget productions like "The Avengers" and "Alex Cross," plus smaller films like "Take Shelter" and "Fun Size." Fresh Water decided to revisit the topic to see how it's working out for Cleveland, and Ohio.

Standing out in a crowd: Ohio crowdfunding leaders help startups find success

With over 530 platforms to choose from, entrepreneurs often need help navigating through the world of crowdfunding for their projects. Fortunately, Ohio's crowdfunding leaders are creating tools to help startups find their way.

Kickstarter deadlines can lead to frustration, fallout for inventors

With 84 percent of Kickstarter's top projects shipped late, is this crowdfunding tool really all it's cracked up to be? Successful designer Chris Hawker examines whether Kickstarter is right for inventors and finds that the product development process often doesn't line up with crowdfunding deadlines. Inventors should go into the process with eyes wide open to get the best results.

Anchor districts emerge as powerful players in bid to remake cities into vibrant, livable places

“Cities are back, downtowns are back, and the places that we call anchor districts are leveraging growth in cities,” says Chris Ronayne of UCI. In Cleveland and beyond, stakeholders like universities, hospitals and museums ('eds and meds') are leading the way in reshaping cities into vibrant, livable places.

From circuit boards to flamethrowers: Your guide to Ohio's coolest hackerspaces

Two new hackerspaces have just joined a host of shops across the state. hiVelocity took a peek inside these quirky garage shops and found everything we didn't expect, from kettles of brewing beer to pinball machines. But nothing was more inviting than the hackers themselves.

Cleveland is shaping up to be mighty green thanks to renewable energy players big and small

As part of the city's 10-year initiative Sustainable Cleveland 2019, 2013 is being called the Year of Advanced and Renewable Energy. Evidenced by measures big and small -- both civic and private -- Cleveland continues to inch toward becoming a "Green City on a Blue Lake."

Cincinnati's newest dream team: The faces of Cintrifuse

The Cintrifuse venture capital team is already working on supporting the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now, it's time to see how The Rainmaker, The Money Man, The Go Getter, The Teacher, The Connector, The Youngster and The Magician Behind the Curtain plan to get down to business.

Century-old Cleveland Agora complex enjoying encore as startup-friendly office space

Throughout its colorful history, the Agora complex in MidTown has been home to a vaudeville theatre, burlesque house, and one of the nation's premiere concert venues. Now, thanks to an evolving landscape outside its door, it's being redeveloped into start-up friendly office space.

SpringBoard grads infuse Cincy with creative startup energy

Laura Chenault transformed an abandoned garage into a space for filming music videos and indie documentaries and hosting cooking classes and dance parties. Springboard, a nine-week course that teaches artists to run businesses, helped turn her dream into a reality.

Ohio farmers turn to supply chain innovation to boost consumption of locally-grown Ohio food

Less than five percent of food Ohioans consume is estimated to come from local farms. The reason is inefficient supply chains for local foods. Yet Ohioans are increasingly embracing supply chain innovation and technology to "reshore" more food in-state.

Tech startups greening Ohio's economic landscape

Ohio's technology start-up landscape has grown in leaps from the virtual wasteland it was a decade ago, with brainy go-getters from across the state pushing the upsurge. Find out how these entrepreneurs were able to get a toehold in the space and just how Ohio is growing its new economic garden.

To accommodate rapidly growing staff, Explorys moves into former museum space in Cleveland

Explorys, which offers a secure software platform that allows healthcare systems to summarize, analyze and manage data, has moved into the former home of MOCA. The Cleveland-based company currently has more than 80 employees and is expected to climb to between 110 and 125 by next year.

Planting for the future: Pre-seed funds help Ohio startups to grow

As the founders of Ecolibrium Solar, Coupsmart and other startups can attest, pre-seed funding is helping Ohio companies find their footing when their founders don’t have the financial resources to get started on their own.

NW Ohio startup Innerapps is the latest to reach global market

Northwest Ohio's startup scene is ready for your radar. The region is home to numerous ventures, including InnerApps, which is marketing its identity access platform in the rapidly emerging market for Cloud services.

Columbus native sells Pushpins app to retail giant for millions

Ohio State University graduate Peter Michaelidis developed his idea for Pushpins while studying at Harvard University. He now returns to OSU as a guest lecturer to share his experiences creating a venture-backed company.

Come to the table: Black design pros diversify Cincinnati's creative class

Cincinnati and its corporate giants attract designers from across the globe, but the minority gap still looms large. Read how local black design professionals have adjusted and adapted while working to recruit and retain their peers.

Hot renewable energy projects catapult ohio into the future

Wind farm? Check. Biogas facilities that turn waste into fuel? Check. Thanks to state legislation requiring renewables, alt energy projects are popping up across Ohio, creating jobs and powering our economy.

Fuel cells can be a catalyst powering state's economy

As the nation searches for clean energy sources that depend less on fossil fuels and more on advanced and alternative energy, Ohio is steadily becoming an epicenter for cutting edge fuel cell technology.

Former P&G employees find welcome in local startup scene

A growing number of former Procter and Gamble employees are branching out from the Ivory Towers and starting their own businesses, using the training and experience they gained at the brand-creating giant while pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams.

From skulls to jet engine parts, 3D printing is taking off in Ohio

Ohio is becoming ground zero for an expected renaissance of "printing" three-dimensional solid objects from computer models within manufacturing. A $70 million public-private pilot institute to promote the technology has been launched in Youngstown, while Columbus boasts one of the nation's largest enthusiast groups for 3D printing.

Ohio companies find opportunity in sustainable, bio-based products

From bio-based milk cartons to asphalt, the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center at the Ohio State University has helped companies across the state to develop products from bio-based materials. Now the Center is playing a role in its biggest project yet, a $300M biorefinery that could power over 30,000 homes.

entrepreneurs put cincy on the map for health care innovation

Cincinnati's thriving, bench-to-bedside health care ecosystem has nourished the success of many prominent startups, among them AtriCure, Blue Ash Therapeutics and AssureRx Health. These firms are growing the city's startup community, creating jobs and fostering the success of the entire region.

open innovation can help ohio companies to achieve success

In today's world of widely distributed knowledge, companies can no longer afford to rely entirely on their own research. Many large companies are now using open innovation, or the adoption of external ideas and processes, to help solve business problems. Now, with the aid of a new program, help is available to assist middle market companies in adopting open innovation practices, as well.

ohio-based innovators have some app-solutely good ideas for a crowded market

Every budding app developer wants to create an overnight success, yet in a saturated market, it's increasingly hard to for them to stand out and get noticed. Still, the longshot odds haven't stopped several industrious Ohioans from taking a whack at the crowded app space -- including our youngest entrepreneur, who is only seven years old.

app-y holidays from hiVelocity

We hope you enjoy this issue of hiVelocity. After this week, we'll be taking some time off to celebrate the season with family and friends. We'll return on January 3rd will a new issue packed with exciting stories. Stay tuned!

cincinnati entrepreneur wants to help hatch ideas at the bird haus

Match passionate locals, creative entreprenuers and a petite force of nature known as Cat Amaro and you get The Bird Haus, a migratory classroom where learning is fun, fascinating and, yes, cheap.

help wanted: high-skilled immigrants needed to fill open positions

To succeed as a region, Cleveland needs hungry, highly skilled immigrants willing to risk it all for a chance to build their dreams. With an estimated 30,000 open positions in high-skill industries in the region, the time is now to market Cleveland as a place friendly to outsiders. Fortunately, Radhika Reddy and others are on top of it.

innov8forhealth helps accelerate healthcare startups in cincinnati

Whether they are helping hospitals to manage access to private health information or creating a game that helps kids to zap away their health care fears, health care startups are growing in Cincinnati. Innov8forhealth, an accelerator now in its second year, is helping budding entrepreneurs to rapidly vet and commercialize their ideas.

forbes ranks columbus eighth best place for female business founders

Central Ohio has a well-deserved reputation as a growing, forward-thinking region with high levels of education and good quality of life. Yet what you may not know is that the region's open, young temperament and startup-friendly environment also make it a great place for women-owned businesses. hiVelocity recently spoke with several thriving female founders about the reasons why.

ohio leads the way in health IT

The growing field of health care information technology promises to improve the efficiency, accuracy and quality of care in the industry. From big data startups to innovative mobile apps, Ohio companies are quickly becoming big players in this game-changing field.

innovation gateway partnership will accelerate startup creation

From student business ideas to cutting-edge medical research, The Ohio State University Technology Commercialization Office is revolutionizing how companies are created on campus. Now, thanks to a new partnership with TechColumbus, the TCO promises to bring ideas to market even faster -- and make sure these startups have the resources needed to grow.

ohio's angel investors answer the prayers of early stage companies

Angel investors play a key role in providing funding and technical assistance to startup companies once funds from friends, families and founders have been exhausted and before venture capital becomes a real option. Across Ohio, increasingly vibrant networks of angel investors are closing the gap, thus facilitating the growth of some of the state's most successful new companies.

cle-based startups are attracting venture capital in record amounts

Whether it is health care, information technology, clean tech or business and consumer products, Cleveland's increased level of startup activity is attracting funding from venture capital firms in Northeast Ohio and beyond. But experts say there's a ways to go before the Silicon Valley comparisons stick.

austen bioinnovation institute builds on akron's strengths in research and health care

The Austen Bioinnovation Institute in Akron harnesses some of the region's core strengths -- namely polymer science, orthopedics, wound healing processes and musculoskeletal studies -- to advance its status as a health care innovator.

encouraging growth: ohio sees boom in bioscience industry

Whether they are tackling the obesity epidemic, manufacturing new medical devices or growing microorganisms to save patients' lives, Ohio's bioscience companies are on the rise. Investment by Third Frontier along with medical commercialization and workforce development efforts have played a key role in developing the industry and creating good-paying jobs across the state.

wanted: the best writers and ideas from across the state

hiVelocity is seeking experienced writers to pen original features about innovation and entrepreneurship across Ohio. We're also looking for fresh, new story ideas from all corners of the state. Contact us at feedback@hivelocitymedia.com.

entrepreneurship programs in ohio's colleges and universities give boost to young innovators

Fifteen years ago, there were almost no student entrepreneurship programs in Ohio's colleges and universities. Today, they're all the rage. Not only do these programs give students real world business skills across an array of disciplines, but they also help to nurture young innovators and grow fresh ideas into companies.

AOL founder Steve Case touts Ohio's innovation economy as an example of the 'rise of the rest'

Steve Case recently came to Cleveland to address entrepreneurial leaders from across the country who had gathered for the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds conference. After praising Ohio's innovation economy, he said that the key to creating more jobs in the U.S. is to support entrepreneurs and high-growth companies and argued policy leaders need to do more to spur innovation.

creation and collaboration: how ohio's startup weekends can bolster local economies

Startup Weekends are intensive, 54-hour events for aspiring entrepreneurs. Fueled by passion, the presence of other innovators and plenty of coffee, would-be founders work in teams to develop their ideas, incorporate feedback from mentors and bring home prizes. Across Ohio, Startup Weekend events are taking hold and creating communities of entrepreneurs -- and even successful companies.

national conference will highlight investment opportunities in ohio

It's never been easier to validate an idea and launch a new company. Yet access to capital remains a critical issue for entrepreneurs. The upcoming National Association of Seed and Venture Funds Conference, to be held in Cleveland from October 15th-17th, will bring together a community of aspiring entrepeneurs and investors to explore ways to advance innovation capital.

make it here, there or anywhere: crowdfunding fuels startup companies in surprising places

Thanks to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, entrepreneurs often overlooked by traditional investment sources are securing much-needed capital to launch their startups. In addition to raising cash, these sites are proving invaluable for testing new ideas, developing a customer base, gaining exposure, and launching ideas into a larger marketplace.

appalachian innovation: ohio university's innovation center builds next-gen entrepreneurs

Southeast Ohio may be off the beaten track, but it is also home to some of the state's fastest growing companies. Many of these startups are propelled to success by the Ohio University Innovation Center, which offers flexible, ready-to-go office space, mentoring and proximity to a growing roster of creative companies.

ohio and nation must continue supportive policies to remain leaders in alternative energy

Ohio's alternative energy industry is thriving. According to the nonprofit Jumpstart Inc., Ohio ranks # 1 in the nation for renewable and advanced energy, bringing in more renewable energy facility projects than any other state. Yet for Ohio to keep its edge, leaders say, state and federal officials must work together to support the growth of this vital market.

success of venture capital firms shows that ohio is a leader in investment opportunities

If you're looking for evidence that venture capitalists are increasingly flocking to Ohio, look no further than the success of Athenian Venture Partners, whose 2003 AVP Ohio fund was recently ranked the top fund of its vintage by Preqin. That success is testament to the increasingly vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ohio, which is drawing venture capital.

great lakes venture fair will showcase ohio tech startups

On the heels of London's breathtaking Olympic Games comes the Elevator Pitch Olympics. Startup companies will soon have the chance to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists for about as long as it takes to ride an elevator to the 50th floor. That's just one of the events at the upcoming Great Lakes Venture Fair, which takes place October 15th-17th in Cleveland.

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thanks to growing tech scene, knotice recruits top talent from its backyard and beyond

Akron-based digital marketing company Knotice counts major international companies among its clients and will soon hire its 100th employee. Knotice has been able to attract and retain talent because of its market innovation, an open office environment that encourages creativity and the strong, growing tech scene in Northeast Ohio.

youngstown business incubator nourishes a vibrant tech sector

In the past decade, the Youngstown Business Incubator has created more than 400 software jobs in downtown Youngstown. Nearly all of these 32 companies are still in the heart of the Mahoning Valley. hiVelocity recently caught up with YBI Chief Evangelist Jim Cossler to talk about Youngstown's burgeoning tech scene and his unusual model of not graduating companies.

the audacity of the talent dividend

The communities competing for the $1 million Talent Dividend Prize have a modest goal: boosting the number of college degrees in their city by one percentage point. If every participating city meets that goal, it could raise national earnings by a stunning $124 billion.

5 cleveland-based mobile app developers on the move

“By 2015, more people will access the web from their smartphone than from their desktops and laptops,” says EXP president Barb Cagely. In Northeast Ohio, numerous app developers are ahead of the curve, dreaming up mobile apps that do everything from enriching your tourism experience to ensuring that workers in the field have all the resources they need.

three toledo entrepreneurs worth watching

Toledo's tech entrepreneurs say that Northwest Ohio is nourishing startups by offering funding, business support and peer-to-peer collaboration. Can the growing entrepreneurial scene here bring new life to this traditional manufacturing town? Here's a look at three Toledo companies -- Classbag, Netronex and Seed Coworking -- shaking things up in The Glass City.

community colleges play vital role in helping workers advance their skills in a knowledge economy

What if you lost your job and needed to advance your skills to stay competitive in the market? Where would you turn? Increasingly, community colleges offer accessible training options for displaced workers, inexperienced high school grads and seasoned professionals who are looking to earn a professional certification. The cost is affordable, and their role in helping advance Ohio's economy is priceless.

viewing ohio cities as startups

What if we viewed Ohio cities as startups? "The ingredients for a successful startup and a successful city are remarkably similar," argues tech blogger Jon Bischke. You need to build stuff that people want. You need to attract talent. And you need capital to get your fledgling ideas to a point of sustainability.

from cowtown to techtown: columbus as a startup city

Columbus was recently ranked the 8th hottest technology job market in the U.S., lending credence to what many locals already know. Take a tour through the capital city's renewed neighborhoods and vibrant downtown with Mayor Michael Coleman as your trusty guide, and find out how a city once dismissively referred to as "cowtown" is rapidly becoming a startup city.

founders profile: victoria tifft, 2012 small business person of the year

Victoria Tifft contracted malaria three times during her stint in the Peace Corps, learning firsthand how illnesses can devastate the lives of people in Third World Countries. Once back in the U.S., she was inspired to create Clinical Research Management, a company that conducts clinical research services and now has 350 employees worldwide. Tifft was recently named U.S. Small Business Person of the Year.

history of innovation: dayton mounts a comeback based on young professionals

Despite its rich, historic assets, the City of Dayton has for decades been outcompeted by larger cities when it comes to attracting young professionals. Now city leaders are launching a broad effort to change that by focusing on recruiting and retaining college graduates through internship programs and other opportunities.

physician inventors flock to ohio

In recent years, Ohio has become home to a bevy of physician inventors, thanks in part to the presence of leading health care institutions, a supportive web of entrepreneurial programs and critical early stage capital.  hiVelocity takes a peek at some of these docs' latest inventions, how they were created and how they'll benefit patient care.

brewing up a business: from homebrewer to microbrewer

Cleveland is nationally known as a brewing mecca. While established breweries like Great Lakes and Buckeye Brewing continue to expand, smaller startups are popping up in their shadows. Nourished by home-brewing clubs and finding strong models in Cleveland’s prize-winning breweries, many of these entrepreneurs started by brewing small batches in their basements or garages.

change agents: how business accelerators are revitalizing urban neighborhoods across ohio

A few years ago, Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood was considered to be endangered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Today, it is a redevelopment success story. That's partially due to startups that are not only fueling the state's economy, but also aiding the redevelopment of urban neighborhoods. ONE Fund accelerators have ignited demand for rehabilitated office space in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, bringing a new, exciting energy to their cities. 

new law opens the door to more craft distilleries

One of the most widely read Fresh Water Cleveland  features was a story on Ohio's burgeoning craft distillery trend. But it wasn't all good news: As it stood at the time of publication, only one permit was allowed in each of Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties. What's more, those few permit holders could distill but not sell their wares on-site. A new law eliminates the restrictions on the number of permits while enabling holders to sell their products directly to consumers.

inspired by ohio third frontier, national group relocates offices to lorain county community college

A not-so-quiet revolution is taking place at the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center at Lorain County Community College. The organizations and companies located here are helping to propel Ohio's innovation economy forward. Now its newest tenant, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, is launching educational programs and a national conference to build on the momentum.

with lorktech, case students poised to enter growing flexible electronics market

How does an incorrect soda price at a retailer lead to an emerging tech company? Just ask Case student Mark Lorkowski, who came up with the idea for an electronic shelf display system while shopping for a case of Mountain Dew. With Lorktech, he hopes to drink up a portion of the $250 billion flexible electronics market.

manufacturing shift helps 'cleveland plus' region emerge from rough economic waters

Like most of the country, Northeast Ohio was slammed hard by the tidal wave of the most recent recession. But thanks to an increasingly diversified economic strategy -- one that saw a transition from traditional manufacturing (steel, tires) to modern forms of manufacturing (healthcare equipment, polymers) -- the region is emerging from those damaging waters stronger than it has in the past, say area advocates.

minority biomedical entrepreneurs teach and learn at first national conference in Cleveland

New biomedical companies are a source of growth in Ohio's high tech economy, yet currently, only a fraction of them are helmed by African-American and Latino entrepreneurs. The first ever Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference aims to connect minorities in Ohio to greater opportunities while also growing the state's biomedical workforce.

immigrant entrepreneurs fuel revival of cincinnati's short vine district

Terry Chan arrived in Cincinnati by way of Hong Kong and Carnegie Mellon University. His bold, forward-thinking plans for the Short Vine Innovation District reflect an international perspective on successful urban development. With the help of both new and long-term investors, Chan is now helping to create a technological hub of vibrant, early-stage businesses that's built to last.

progress by degrees: the northeast ohio talent dividend initiative

The Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education is leading the region's efforts to increase college attainment levels. Their efforts, called The Northeast Ohio Talent Dividend, has three primary goals: improve college readiness of high school and adult students, increase student retention through degree completion, and increase degree attainment among adults with some college experience but no degree.

from wall street to main street: will equity-based crowdfunding help to grow ohio startups?

Equity-based crowdfunding will allow everyone the opportunity to become a venture capitalist. But is this a good thing? Remember the dot-com bubble that burst in the 1990s? Yet while crowdfunding brings a certain amount of risk, even skeptics say that it has the potential to bring an important source of new capital to Ohio. The emerging phenomenon could also empower a new class of investors.

collaboration in ohio aerospace industry leads towards global leadership

Ohio's aerospace industry is one of the strongest in the country, yet its continued prominence is by no means assured. In the past few years, fierce global competition, rapid industry change and a fragmented business sector were real threats to our ongoing success. Yet now, the newly-created Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council is offering a unified voice for the industry and creating a platform for continued growth.

securing ohio's energy future

From wind turbines and biofuels to the fastest electric car on earth, Ohio's universities are leaders in cutting-edge clean energy technology. A recent conference promoted the linkage between energy and economic security, and also highlighted the need for greater investment and commercialization to secure our state's future as a trailblazer in this growing field. Here's a look at what's next in this burgeoning industry.

the new girls club: women entrepreneurs tap passion and perseverance across ohio

Even as women continue to rise in corporate leadership positions, studies show they're still underrepresented in high tech industries. Yet across Ohio, many women are now starting technology-focused companies, and this "new girls club" is playing an important role in driving our state's innovation economy. Along the route to success, they're also learning to define it on their own terms.

q&a: luis proenza, president of the university of akron

Open innovation partnerships between universities and companies can spark new ideas and possibly inventions, says Dr. Luis Proenza of the University of Akron. Recently, hiVelocity spoke with Dr. Proenza about key changes in U.S. patent law, the role of universities in Ohio's entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the catalytic potential of university partnerships.

game on: cleveland institute of art hits 'start' on game design program

Video games no longer are child's play. A multi-billion dollar industry, video game development seduces countless wannabes, each hoping to design the next Call of Duty. Helping to train those people is Cleveland Institute of Art, which recently launched its Game Design program. Combining classes in 3D modeling, game mapping, screenwriting and sound design, this challenging program is no child's play either.

q&a: lisa delp, executive director of ohio third frontier

Startup veteran and Ohio native Lisa Delp was recently appointed Ohio Third Frontier's new Executive Director. In this interview, she discusses how far we've come in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and how Ohio Third Frontier's new focus areas will help grow our high tech economy.

ohio third frontier expands entrepreneurship boot camp to accelerators statewide

Accelerate (v.): 1) To increase the speed of, or 2) To cause to occur sooner than expected. In physics classes, students learn how velocity can change rapidly. Ohio's high tech leaders are applying the same principles to help accelerate the pace at which businesses are created. The spread of business accelerators statewide is helping bright, young entrepreneurs grow successful businesses with the aid of resources and mentoring.

get on the bus: SXSW conductor greg svitak discusses ohio's high tech future

Recently, a group of self-proclaimed hackers, hustlers and hipsters traveled on a Startup Bus from Ohio to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Interactive conference. They had 72 hours to create a great product idea. Recently, hiVelocity caught up with Greg Svitak, the Bus Conductor, to talk about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and the growth of Ohio's tech community.

OSU's tech commercialization office is helping to create a brand new day for ohio's economy

Wake Up, Start Up! That's the name of a new monthly morning pitch series hosted by the Ohio State University's Technology Commercialization Office. The thing is, you've got to get up pretty early to be an innovator in today's high tech economy. Yet with the help of Central Ohio's leading entrepreneurs and brightest thinkers, OSU is not only waking up Ohio's new economy, it's helping to grow it, too.

the brandery earns notice for its unique approach to helping startups stand out

Cincinnati's business accelerator The Brandery has become nationally known for helping young startups to develop identifiable brands. New General Manager and veteran brand manager Mike Bott talks about his stunning roster of mentors, how the Brandery identifies startup-minded talent, and helping new companies to succeed.

success of ge aviation propels ohio aerospace industry to new heights

If Ohio is to the global aerospace industry what the Silicon Valley is to the computer industry, then that makes Cincinnati-based GE Aviation our state's version of Apple or Intel. The powerhouse company recently enjoyed one of its most successful years ever as orders for its new GE90 engine hit all-time highs. Yet even as Ohio's aerospace industry climbs to new heights, its leaders say that business and government must focus their resources to hold onto our coveted, top spot in engine manufacturing and propulsion technology.

for these area nonprofits, 'regionalism' has economic, not political, focus

The prevailing impression of regionalism that has been bandied about Northeast Ohio for the better part of a decade is all wrong, says a collaborative group of area nonprofits. While the consolidation of countless municipalities is useful, it is not intrinsically regionalism. True regionalism, they argue, is defined by economic activity -- not political boundaries.

you've got talent: new online platform simplifies fine arts college admissions process

Derek Brown and Don Hunter both know something about the value of acceptance. They excelled in the Honors-PLUS program at the Carl Lindner H. College of Business at the University of Cincinnati with the help of critical scholarships. Last year, they also launched an online platform that helps fine arts administrators and applicants to simplify the college admissions process. They're living proof that the entrepreneurial ecosystem is alive and well across Ohio.

Lee Chilcote joins hiVelocity as Managing Editor

Recently, hiVelocity selected Lee Chilcote of Cleveland as its new Managing Editor. For the past year, Lee has served as Development News Editor and a regular contributor to sister publication Fresh Water Cleveland. Lee also has a strong background in community and economic development, and has penned features for a range of local and national publications.

Skull Menders

Imagine if a traumatic event like a car accident fundamentally changed its shape (like shooting victim Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords). That kind of trauma has both a physical and aesthetic affect on the victim, and it takes many delicate surgeries to restore a person’s looks and healthy brain functioning. A growing Cleveland area startup OsteoSymbionics is working to improve that process, by developing a range of skull implants designed to help those recovering from skull trauma. 

OSU researching enzyme for use in biological attack

Ohio State University gets grant to research enzyme that could be used to protect humans in case of a biological attack.

Vaporize Your Smoking Habit for the New Year

Quitting smoking just entered the digital age with the E-vapor ciggy. Is kicking the nasty habit one of your New Year's resolutions? This digital vaporizer may be just the tool you need.

Youngstown land reuse setting national example for community revitalization

The quaint Idora neighborhood in Youngstown, Ohio, has been ravaged by the downtrodden economy. It's streets are like many in cities across America--the foreclosed houses outnumber the occupied by a significant margin. But Youngstown isn't taking the loss lying down; its community revitalization effort is starting to transform Idora and create a model for cities nationwide.

2011 Year in Review

Ohio has been pushing to be a leader in business, technology and environmentalism, from innovative restaurants looking to go green with their recycling of food and waste, to state bills that help entrepreneurs and sustainability groups. Managing Editor Steph Greegor takes a look back at 2011 and the stories that were important to Ohio and hiVelocity readers.

The Year of the Food Truck

The 2011 boom of the mobile eatery is not only feeding Ohioans' bellies, but it's feeding the economy and local entrepreneurs as well.

Fusing art and technology

The Fuse Factory makes digital beauty accessible for the masses through education and art space. If you haven't seen what this lab can do with technology and arts, you're missing out on something special.

Shop Green, Shop Cool, Shop Local -- great tech and environmentally friendly gifts from around Ohio

Did you know you could buy Jedi lightsaber candlesticks from an Ohio business? Or maybe a specialty healthy cooking vaccum seal item? Holiday shopping this year can be buy local, buy green and buy great with these sure to please Ohio holiday items.

The Talent Dividend: How more college grads can add to Ohio's bottom line through its cities

What's the best thing a city can do to achieve more economic success? Increase its number of college graduates. The most prosperous cities have the highest number of college grads. Read how the Talent Dividend calculates just how much college degrees add to a city's bottom line--think billions--and why cities from Cleveland to Cincinnati are among the 57 cities competing for the million dollar prize to boost college attainment.

Pond scum with promise

You may look at it and think, "Ew, pond scum!" But to one savvy Ohioan, the slimy green stuff holds a promising future for all of us.

Why Columbus is thankful for Liz Lessner's innovative business style this holiday season

This holiday season, Columbus is thankful for one of its most savvy and influential business owners--Liz Lessner.

Tiny fluid samples get big results in U of C tech lab

University of Cincinnati puts $3 million grant to use developing less expensive, more precise medical diagnostic tools and in the long term opens up new opportunities and jobs for product development and manufacturing.

Lifelong struggle with dyslexia powers one of Ohio's most successful entrepreneurs

Janis Mitchell is the first to admit she's battled a lifetime of demons--but they never stopped her, she said. Instead, they've helped her become one of Ohio's biggest entrepreneurial success stories.

Crooner turns industry knowledge into streaming country startup

Country singer Jeff Best cuts a unique figure among Ohio's start-up entrepreneurs. Rather than sporting horn-rimmed glasses and a MacBook, the founder of CountryMusicRadio.com is just as likely to walk into his Youngstown Business Incubator office carrying a guitar and rocking a cowboy hat.

Rich Langdale: entrepreneur, venture capitalist, mentor

Serial entrepreneurs can be found in every community and corner of Ohio. Finding a serial entrepreneur-turned venture capitalist is rarer. Rich Langdale is one of those.

Homework: home-based businesses are on the rise

As the economic malaise enters its umpteenth year, many creative folks are using it as an opportunity to grab a little slice of the artisan marketplace. With or without day jobs, a new breed of craftspeople are cultivating home-grown companies by doing what they love. Some are eager to branch out, while others are just tickled to have a creative outlet.

MedCity Media finds growth niche in biomedical reporting

MedCity Media was created in 2009 to highlight Ohio's burgeoning biomedical industry. Since then it has expanded into two other markets and has become a go-to resource for those tracking developments few others are reporting.

The Brandery: Local impact, national attention

Named as one of the top 10 business accelerator programs in the nation last spring, The Brandery in Cincinnati is now nurturing its second group of entrepreneurs while its first "graduates" spread their wings.

Happy birthday to us, and a sneak peek at the future

On Sept. 23, 2009, hiVelocity debuted with the goal of highlighting businesses and individuals who are propelling Ohio's high-tech economy forward. Now, we're moving forward, too.

Q&A: Cohesion Business Technology's John Owens on entrepreneurship and lessons learned

In the span of 12 years, John Owens has taken his company, Cohesion Business Technology, from a two-man operation that worked from his Cincinnati home to one of southwestern Ohio's largest technology services firms with annual revenue on the north side of $20 million.

Video: Bill Cooper, the iPod Kid

Bill Cooper started reviewing mobile apps in high school. Now a University of Dayton student, Cooper has built his YouTube presence into a way to pay for college.

JackThreads defies tradition as Midwest-based fashion leader

With hard work and an eye for innovation, Columbus native Jason Ross has defied convention with men's fashion website JackThreads.

Ohio cities loom large as IT job generators

While U.S. job growth overall may be stuck in neutral, IT professionals should be chomping at the bit. Experts say technology occupations will be at the leading edge of job growth for at least a decade. And three of the hottest cities for IT jobs right now are here in Ohio.

Q&A: Tony Prusak, director of convention sales for Medical Mart & Convention Center

Earlier this year, construction began for the new Medical Mart and Convention Center, a project that has received a lukewarm response from skeptical taxpayers. Working hard to prove them wrong is Tony Prusak, who as Director of Convention Sales is tasked with booking events. As a lifelong Clevelander, Prusak is driven by a desire to improve Cleveland's economic future. How? By "selling more cheeseburgers."

Video: Kent Displays

Founded in 1993, Kent Displays has charged hard into Ohio's new economy as a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of no power LCDs for diverse applications like electronic skins, writing tablets, smartcards and eReaders. Find out how the company is blazing new trails by watching this video.

Research giant Battelle flies under radar, but reach is worldwide

Despite its status as the world's largest independent research and development organization and the creator of such ubiquitous products as compact discs and UPC codes, few people understand what Battelle is or its importance to Ohio. 

Child's play: How three Clevelanders turned childhood hobbies into big business

For three local entrepreneurs, playing with toys is big business. Arthur Gugick sells elaborate building replicas constructed from Legos. George Vlosich uses an Etch a Sketch to create pricy masterworks. And Tom Donelan turned his love of board games into a thriving national brand. These Cleveland-area professionals have proven that child's play is no joke.

Q&A: Ohio Chamber’s Jennifer Klein on the fledgling Ohio Shale Coalition

The buzz over Ohio shale is growing ever louder. That’s because new estimates say the Marcellus and Utica shale formations could hold vast amounts of oil and gas, leading to increased drilling and a surge in jobs and economic development within the state. Among the organizations that see a huge economic potential from Ohio shale is the Ohio Chamber, which in June announced formation of the Ohio Shale Coalition. hiVelocity spoke with Jennifer Klein, director of energy and environmental policy for the Chamber, about the new coalition.  

Video: Hive13

Way back in April 2010, hiVelocity wrote about hacker spaces. This video from Soapbox gives a close-up view of one of them, Hive13, in Cincinnati.

Captain of industry: Raj Soin leaves indelible imprint on Dayton business, philanthropic communities

Two years ago, Rajesh Soin, founder, chairman and CEO of global holding company Soin International, received the prestigious Captain of Industry award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers.  Captain of industry, in fact, is an apt term to describe Soin's phenomenally successful career and numerous accomplishments.

When these folks meet for Green Drinks, they aren't slurping grasshoppers

Once a month a group of loosely knit business owners, college students, community leaders and regular folks meet up across Ohio to get their drink on. Green Drinks, that is.

Q&A: Candace Klein on the success of Bad Girl Ventures

Bad Girl Ventures launched in Cincinnati last year as a unique form of micro lender: one focused not just on getting financing into the hands of women-owned startups, but also on providing the education and resources women need to build successful businesses. In the last year, BGV has attracted a lot of attention as it has grown in participation and geography, most recently announcing its expansion to Cleveland. hiVelocity caught up with Candace Klein, BGV's founder and CEO, to ask about the success of her non-profit.

Video: This house fights cancer

A house that fights cancer? That's what this one does. Take a peek at this video, which tells the whole story.

New economy forges fresh links in Ohio's supply chain

Changes in Ohio's economy have not always been kind to businesses who could not -- or would not -- evolve. Yet today there are plenty of examples of long-established companies that are finding fresh opportunities within Ohio's new economy. Today, we highlight two.

What's working in cities: Createhere in Chattanooga

The renewal of an urban core usually involves, at some point, a grand, sweeping plan that calls for huge development projects costing millions, or billions, of dollars: a new convention center, a mass transit system, a comprehensive waterfront plan. But as cities realize the importance of attracting and retaining talent, it's the smaller development projects and neighborhood investment that are driving real and sustainable change.

Q&A: Brookings' Jonathan Rothwell on Ohio's green jobs outlook

A new report by the Brookings Institute says Ohio has done pretty well when it comes to creating "green jobs." The report, "Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment," by the institute's Metropolitan Policy Program, found that one-fourth of Ohio's green jobs are in manufacturing, with Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton leading the state. hiVelocity spoke with Metropolitan Policy Program Senior Research Analyst Jonathan Rothwell about the report and what it means for Ohio and the nation.

Video: Hartzell Propeller

Some time ago, hiVelocity traveled to Piqua to get a first-hand look at Hartzell Propeller and how the company goes about keeping planes in the air. We found it interesting enough to post this video again -- just in case you missed it the first time.

Inflatable Images balloons from humble beginnings to lead its industry

Since its formation in 1982, Brunswick-based Inflatable Images has quietly carved out a niche for itself as the largest maker of inflatable products in the United States.

Guest Column: Why startups aren't for everyone -- and why that's OK

Robert Hatta is VP of Entrepreneurial Talent at JumpStart Ventures in Cleveland. Over the years, he's been involved in start-ups and high-growth technology firms all around the world, including companies like Findaway, Apple, Netflix and Virgin Mobile USA. In this guest column, Hatta explains that startups aren't for everyone -- and why that's OK.

Q&A: NWS's science officer on how technology is changing forecasting, warning systems

Killer tornadoes. Severe thunderstorms. Floods. Are we seeing more catastrophic weather these days, or just more news about it? hiVelocity asked Seth Binau, science and operations officer for the National Weather Service's Forecast Office in Wilmington, for his views on that and how new technology is changing the way we learn about threatening weather conditions.

Video: Engineers for a day

Each year, the student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers on the campus of Lorain County Community College hosts area students for a one-day competition known as the Lego Olympiad. It's both a chance for kids to have fun and to get a taste of engineering. This video explains.  

Main man behind ManCans

He's appeared on "Lopez Tonight." He was a phone-in guest on "The Doctors." He's doing two to three interviews with local and national media each week. It seems everybody wants a piece of Hart Main, who's built a nationwide business selling candles that smell like fresh cut grass, baseball mitts and bacon. Pretty good for a 13-year-old Marysville kid who's going into the ninth grade.

Entrepreneur wants to make her American Dream come true for others

Though she's been in America for little more than 20 years, Radhika Reddy has realized the American Dream several times over. Her latest dream, a one-stop center for international cultural events and a business incubator -- for both foreign and home-grown firms -- is off to a good start.

Q&A: Uri Attir on how Dayton-Israel alliance is helping revive the region

Since its inception in 2009, the Dayton Region-Israel Trade Alliance has been working to build business relationships between aerospace and high-tech industries in Dayton and Israel. Uri Attir came aboard as DRITA's business development director in Israel in 2010. From his office in Haifa (Israel's third-largest city and one of its many centers of aerospace technology) Attir shares the key strategies that have led to DRITA's success -- and explains how Dayton is setting the trend for other mid-sized American cities by using global partnerships in technological development to enhance its local economy.

Video: Murals give Cincy neighborhoods a unique feel

The Queen City could also be called The Mural City. Cincinnati has staked its claim with the most interesting and diverse murals in a city center. Many of these murals were created by Artworks, an organization that connects artists of all ages through apprenticeships, community partnerships, and public art. With 12 new murals going up this summer, sister publication Soapbox offers this video about the inspiration behind Mural Works.

Teradata represents new face of growth in Dayton region

Dayton's Teradata, a spin-off of NCR that stayed behind when NCR left for Atlanta two years ago, represents the new face of job growth in the region -- educated and high tech. As Teradata continues to lead in its marketplace, Dayton hopes to reap the benefits as more high tech companies notice and want to get in the game.

Where are they now? hiVelocity catches up with three promising companies

In the last year and a half, hiVelocity has showcased hundreds of smart, innovative entrepreneurs. In this issue, we're following up with three of them to see how business is going these days.

Q&A: Dean Monske on northwest Ohio's growing international successes

In late February, Dean Monske was named president and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership, the Toledo-based nonprofit development corporation that serves northwest Ohio. Since then, Monske -- a former RGP vice president who left for a year to serve as Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's deputy mayor for external relations -- has hit the ground running. Last month, the RGP announced two new field offices in, of all places, China.

Video: Aeroclay

Solon-based Aeroclay, is working to commercialize its advanced material made of clay, milk and water -- what some refer to as "a dirty milkshake." hiVelocity wrote about Aeroclay in February -- now, here's a video that shows a little more about the company, which also this year won a NorTech Innovation Award.

Businesses buy into STEM

What began with the establishment of Columbus's Metro Early College High School in 2006 has grown into a statewide network of STEM schools that turn the traditional classroom on its head. While STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math, the schools take a broader view, instead working to impart ALL 21st century skills needed for our economy and our communities. One key element in the evolution of Ohio's STEM schools is the partnership between business and education.   

Destination: 45202

The numbers don't lie: while most areas across the country are watching young, talented professionals move away, a new study says zip codes like downtown Cincinnati's 45202 are seeing an increase in college educated professionals seeking urban amenities and the opportunity to make a difference.

Q&A: Steve Krak on the Ohio STEM Learning Network

In 2006, Battelle, in partnership with The Ohio State University and KnowledgeWorks, opened Ohio's first STEM school, setting the stage for what became the Ohio STEM Learning Network. hiVelocity spoke to Steve Krak, Battelle's program manager for the network, about OSLN and the business case for STEM learning.

Video: Cincinnati Zoo's new solar array

The Cincinnati Zoo recently dedicated a brand new, 1.6 megawatt solar array -- what the Zoo calls the largest urban and educationally accessible solar array in the United States. This video, shot while the project was still in progress, explains the project and why it's so cool.

Mike Figliuolo: Angel funder, entrepreneur, thought leader

Mike Figliuolo is a former Army officer, McKinsey and Company consultant, Capital One Financial strategist, and a VP for Scotts Lawn Service. Today, he runs a practitioner-led leadership training firm, is an angel investor for tech startups, heads several web-based businesses and is a principal at a Dublin business accelerator. Oh, and he's writing a book. It's an unwieldy job description, but Figliuolo makes it simple: "I'm a parallel entrepreneur."

Cleveland execs aim to steer IT sector in 'RITE' direction

Comprised of Cleveland IT execs and university reps, the RITE Board seeks to boost the quality and reputation of Cleveland's information technology sector. By encouraging students to pursue careers in IT and improving IT internships, technology companies aim to capture young IT professionals before they leave town.

Q&A: LEEDCo's Lorry Wagner on the potential of Lake Erie wind

Last year, the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) announced a long-term plan to develop wind power in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie -- the first freshwater offshore wind farm in North America. The initial 20-megawatt wind farm is expected to be completed in late 2013 and followed by subsequent projects. The long-term goal: 1,000 megawatts by 2020. HiVelocity spoke with Dr. Lorry Wagner, president of LEEDCo and the driving force behind the 20-megawatt pilot project, about the future of offshore wind power in Ohio.

Video: Elektro the Robot

Technology has come a long way since the '30s, but in his day Elektro was the bees knees when it came to robots. Built by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in its Mansfield facility between 1937 and 1938, Elektro performs here at the 1939 World's Fair.

Ohio shale's energy potential: It could be big

Lurking deep beneath Ohio's fields, forests and neighborhoods are vast shale formations believed to hold a virtual goldmine of natural gas and oil. Nobody knows for sure how much. But gas and oil companies are betting billions on a potential payoff that could start flowing within the decade.

Craig Zamary's journey from kitchen table business to entrepreneur in residence

Craig Zamary's first foray into entrepreneurship began at his kitchen table in 1998. He was 24. He started his second company, Green Energy TV, at age 31. Today, the Youngstown native is teaching other young entrepreneurs about building businesses.

Q&A: Entrepreneur Wil Schroter

Wil Schroter was only 19 and a student at Ohio State University when he started his first company: Blue Diesel. Since then, he has blazed a trail of business creation that has resulted in more than half a dozen companies. We caught up with Schroter to ask him about entrepreneurship and his views on Ohio as a place to do business.

Video: If you're a deer, you won't like GhostBlind

Forget about invisibility cloaks, which are good only for hiding from mythical enemies in Harry Potter movies. This is the real deal.

Cincinnati executive puts "return on involvement" front and center

Young job recruits today want more than a paycheck, says Cincinnati business consultant Chuck Proudfit. They want a chance to make a difference in the world and they want their company to help give them that chance.

Cincinnati executive puts "return on involvement" front and center

Young job recruits today want more than a paycheck, says Cincinnati business consultant Chuck Proudfit. They want a chance to make a difference in the world and they want their company to help give them that chance.

Small grants make huge difference in Cleveland neighborhoods, residents

The Neighborhood Connections program provides small financial gifts to community organizations focused on enhancing neighborhoods and engaging residents. Recipients must connect residents in meaningful ways through grass roots projects. Though the grants are small -- from $500 to $5,000 -- they can make a huge difference in the destiny of a neighborhood and its citizens.

Q&A: Green Mayor Dick Norton on the reasons for his city’s success

Business is booming in Green. New companies, major expansions and increased revenues are all contributing to the community's vision of becoming one of the top 10 places to live in the country. hiVelocity asked Mayor Dick Norton why his Summit County city of 24,000 is moving forward when some others aren't.

Video: Case Western's wind turbine installation

A 100-kilowatt, community-scale wind turbine was erected on the Case Western Reserve University campus in November. Funded by the Ohio Third Frontier initiative, it is the first among three turbines planned for the campus. Watch it go up -- and the bravery of those who climb over the top of the turbine -- in this video.

Dan Rockwell: Not your father's entrepreneur

Dan Rockwell is a big guy with a quick laugh and an unassuming manner. But behind the easy-going exterior is a man addicted to experimentation and new ideas -- some of which are turning the concept of what a startup should be on its head.

Sustainability bill providing big boost to bio-based companies

Coffee cups made from corn. Soaps made from wheat. Engine lubricants produced from soy beans. These may seem like unlikely products to end up in your car or home, but thanks to a new statewide focus on "bio-products," Ohio companies are set to ride the wave of a burgeoning industry.

Q&A: University of Cincinnati's Dorothy Air on academia's role in business

For 10 years, Dorothy Air has been on the front lines of university innovation. She knows firsthand the role universities can play in advancing research, development and technology. Air -- associate VP for entrepreneurial affairs in the Office of Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization at the University of Cincinnati -- talks to hiVelocity about her work and the dynamic relationship between Ohio universities and the wider economic community.

Video: Facing Mars

The Great Lakes Science Center's new Facing Mars exhibition gives visitors a chance to embark on make-believe voyage of discovery on the red planet. Facing Mars features 28 exhibits that explore the real physical, psychological and scientific challenges involved in journeying to Mars. Brought to you by PositivelyCleveland, here's a quick video.

What's in a brand? These days, lots of social media

Building a brand is a process. It starts with having a good product and good service. Getting the word out entails advertising, marketing, promotions, special events, public relations and networking. Now, however, there's something new in the marketing toolbox -- social media.

Trash Compactor: E4S's zero waste initiative is far from zero-sum proposition

In a true zero-waste system there is no garbage, there are no landfills. Entrepreneurs for Sustainability's Zero Waste Network is urging Cleveland organizations to track and reduce their waste stream. Those that do are discovering that the benefits extend well beyond a slimmer carbon footprint, including economic windfalls, community engagement and marketplace recognition.

Q&A: Agricultural Incubator Foundation’s Bernie Scott describes ag entrepreneurship efforts

Agriculture Incubator Foundation Chairman Bernie Scott is no stranger to the field of food and agriculture. His devotion to the land and its capabilities grew while participating in 4-H and FFA (then called Future Farmers of America), earning degrees in agriculture and agricultural education from Ohio State University (he was OSU's 2009 Alumni Citizenship Award winner), and working as an ag teacher in the Otsego School District. Here, he fills us in on the foundation and its work with agricultural entrepreneurs.

Video: Apollo's move into the Great Lakes Science Center

Last summer, the Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module moved into the NASA Glenn Visitor Center at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland. How do you transport and install something like that? Here's how it's done. 

Ohio's aerospace industry evolves into quiet giant

The Wright Brothers may have gotten things started, but over the last century thousands of players have quietly built an aerospace and aviation economy that may surprise you in its reach.

Q&A: Dayton Development Coalition's Colleen Ryan on Ohio's aerospace hub

In 2009, Dayton was named the state's Aerospace Hub, a designation designed to prompt additional investments in the region's -- and the state's -- aerospace industry. Colleen Ryan, the Dayton Development Coalition's VP of aerospace and defense, discusses the traits that have made the Dayton region a center of attention for flight, research and commercialization of new aviation and aerospace technologies.

The metro brand: how three cities are touting their strengths

It's not enough that cities have to compete with the rest of the world to attract business and jobs, they often face fierce competition from cities within a few hours' drive. Here's a look at how several of Ohio's metropolitan areas view their intrastate rivalries and market themselves.

Air Camp: a new effort to whet the aerospace appetities of Ohio's kids

In June and July, middle students will descend on Dayton for Air Camp, an effort to spark the interest of Ohio's young people in aerospace and aviation. Sponsored by numerous colleges and universities, foundations and businesses, organizers say kids "will experience the rich and exciting aviation and educational resources in the Dayton region." Take a look.

Launch100: A year later

While personal ingenuity and hard work may be credited for much of Simply Southern Sides' rapid growth, Claude Booker credits a new initiative spearheaded by JumpStart for helping beef up his operations with sound advice and resources.

Start Your Engines

What do people in Abu Dhabi and Cincinnati have in common? They want to have fun. No one understands this better than the creative team at Jack Rouse Associates, one of the world's leading experiential design firms.

Q&A: Ron Finklestein on job transitions in tough economic times

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average college graduate will go through an estimated five transitions during his or her career. In today's economy, however, navigating the tough career landscape calls for a strategic approach. Well-known Akron business consultant, coach and author Ron Finklestein frequently speaks to organizations about career matters and the challenges of today's environment. Finklestein, president of Akris, Inc. and Rpf Group, outlines specific steps for moving forward

Video: Gravitational Energy Corp.

Gravitational Energy Corp., based in Cuyahoga Falls, has taken a novel spin on an old energy source: gravity. The Feltenberger Pendulum, invented by President and CEO Bruce Feltenberger, is designed to reduce fuel power consumption by about 50 percent by making gravity do much of the work.

Ohio's work-life climate is big draw for those tired of the rat race

Is it possible to be successful in business and have a meaningful personal life at the same time? It is if you live in Ohio. Our state gets rave reviews from business veterans who said goodbye to long commutes and crowded spaces and never looked back, finding the balance they were seeking in the smaller cities and livable suburbs of Ohio.

Southeast Ohio: Our state's second Polymer Valley

While northeast Ohio's "Polymer Valley" is home to 45 percent of Ohio's polymer production sites, a cluster of companies has built its own power base in the state's southeastern corner.

Q&A: Southeastern Ohio Port Authority's Terry Tamburini on Appalachia's strong suits

Terry Tamburini has one foot in West Virginia and the other in Ohio. He teaches economics and economic development at West Virginia University-Parkersburg while heading the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, which serves Washington County, Ohio. Tamburini, who took on the Port Authority role in October after working in Ohio for 16 years, describes the region's strong business climate and why it's also a great place to live.

Video: Teach me how to factor

Good math skills are essential for many of the jobs emerging in Ohio's high-tech economy. Yet, every math teacher has struggled at times to make figures and formulas seem relevant to young people. Now, a couple of hip-hop inclined teachers at Westerville South High School have a new way to engage their students. Yo check it out.

Employment enjoyment: How some do it

Even the best jobs can lead to burnout and loss of productivity. But some companies are finding ways to keep the creative juices flowing by making it fun to go to work. 

By preparing children and adults for the future, Newbridge isn't waiting for Superman

Rather than wait on Superman, NewBridge is preparing unemployed adults and at-risk youth for a bright future. Modeled after Pittsburgh's Manchester Bidwell Training Center, Cleveland's new alternative center for arts and technology is helping people on the margin.

Q&A: MAGNET's Daniel Berry on the changing environment for manufacturers

For nearly 30 years, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, or MAGNET, has served as the state's Edison Center charged with providing resources and advocacy for manufacturers in the northeast Ohio region. It's also the designated Edison Center for the state's automotive industry. hiVelocity spoke with Daniel E. Berry, MAGNET's president and CEO, about how manufacturing is faring these days.

Video: Reading minds at the University of Dayton Research Institute

Dan Hurlburt reads minds. The psychology major works at the University of Dayton Research Institute's Signature Science Exploration Lab, where researchers use high-tech cameras to predict human behavior.

David Hunegnaw: Big-idea guy

David Hunegnaw is one of those elusive "serial entrepreneurs." He's a big idea guy, travels frequently, and seems to have his hands in everything. The Brooklyn native has made Ohio his home for the past 25 years, and during that time launched more than a half-dozen tech-savvy businesses.

Celeste Massullo: Born to win

Some entrepreneurs are born with the right stuff; others are born into the right families. Celeste Massullo, the president of Lena Fiore Inc., was blessed with both, and born to win.

Q&A: OSU's Michael Camp gives a bird's eye view of Ohio's entrepreneurial landscape

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Ohio's entrepreneurial landscape? As one of the nation's leading professors in entrepreneurship, Ohio State's S. Michael Camp should know. So, we asked him.

Video: Alleviating Poverty Summit looks at market-based solutions

The Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit at the Ohio State University is an event designed to engage the public in conversations about market-based solutions to global and local poverty. Here's a short video that describes the summit, scheduled for April 15th in Columbus.

'Tis the season all year long for these giving businesses

Gift-giving is a big part of the holiday season, and at this time of year stories of goodwill catch our attention. But needs don't disappear with the new year. That's why Ohio entrepreneurs, who've worked to create their own blessings, give back year-round to the communities that have helped them prosper.

Ohio ethanol producers poised for surge on the heels of new biofuels regulation

New federal regulations will more than double the number of gallons of biofuels produced in the U.S. in the next 10 years. Ohio's ethanol producers are poised to benefit from the predicted rise in ethanol refining as a result, especially if drivers everywhere have equal access to filling up with it.

Q&A: AEP Ohio's Karen Sloneker explains "smart grid"

What's "smart grid" and what will it mean for me? The question's an increasingly common one as Ohio utilities prepare to test and implement a new generation of technologies designed for more efficient planning, distribution, monitoring and use of electricity. AEP Ohio, which serves 1.5 million customers throughout the state, is implementing smart grid technology among 110,000 customers in central Ohio as part of its gridSMART demonstration project. We asked project director Karen Sloneker, the company's director of customer services and marketing, to help us understand those efforts.

Happy holidays!

This issue of hiVelocity represents the last issue of 2010. We'll be taking a little breather through the holidays, but will resume on Jan. 13, when we will bring bring you a new issue chock full of fresh news about Ohio's emerging new economy and those who are leading it. Until then, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Video: You'll like THIS audit

As more Ohioans move back into revitalized urban settings, the need to control annual energy costs on rehabbed or remodeled structures, as well as incorporate green practices, is a top priority. Among those helping homeowners get a handle on energy efficiency is the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, a nonprofit that helps Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky homeowners reduce their energy costs, making their homes more comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Soapbox and Seven/Seventy-Nine recently tagged along with GCEA and one of their partners, GREENERGY, as they performed a whole house energy audit on Soapbox Managing Editor Sean Rhiney's house.

Working from home driving you crazy? Co-working can offer sanity, companionship

A home office offers freedom and flexibility. But it can also lead to isolation, tedium and that gotta-get-out-of-here feeling. For on-their-own Ohioans yearning for professional companionship, coworking may be the answer.

High-Tech curriculum fuels Stark State enrollment boom

Pop quiz: What Ohio institution of higher learning has grown faster than any other state public college or university over the last decade? The answer might surprise you.

Q&A: Dayton's Jim Leftwich on the region's emergence as a high-tech corridor

The Dayton region is on a roll. Earlier this year, Site Selection Magazine chose it as the nation's top metropolitan area for economic development for populations 200,000 to 1 million -- the second year in a row for the award. Soon afterward, the magazine named the Dayton Development Coalition among the 10 best economic development associations in the nation. hiVelocity sat down with Jim Leftwich, the Coalition's president and CEO, to find out what's driving activity in west central Ohio.

Video: Family business is all about family

There are family businesses, and then there are family businesses. See how the owners of Athens-based Ancient Roots view what they do in the context of the community and their children.

Biomedical economy grows behind collaboration, partnerships

In the past, the idea of a company turning to a competitor for outside expertise just wasn't done. Today both small and large companies realize they can't do everything in-house, and that holds true for the growing biomedical industry where innovation through collaboration has become the norm.

Joe DeLoss: where social consciousness and entrepreneurship meet

Give people sandwiches, and you'll feed them for a day. Give people jobs making, selling and delivering delicious, savory sandwiches, and you'll soon have more-employable Ohioans. In Joe DeLoss's case, that compassionate business strategy has led to recognition as one of America's best young entrepreneurs.

Q&A: Lester Lefton on Kent State's role in Ohio's new economy

Lester A. Lefton became Kent State University's 11th president in July 2006. Ranked by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching among the nation's best public research universities and among the best colleges and universities in community engagement, Kent State has been at the forefront of high-tech innovation in Northeast Ohio. hiVelocity asked Lefton about Kent State's role in Ohio's new economy and his vision for the region.

Video: Siemens' new generation of locomotives capture essence of sustainability

Siemens recently announced a $466-million contract to build the next generation of electric locomotives for Amtrak's Northeast and Keystone Corridor lines. While the assembly will occur at Siemens' Sacramento, Calif., operations, the project includes the addition of 25 new jobs at the company's Norwood, Ohio, electric motor manufacturing plant. Take a look at how these new trains will revolutionize rail travel.

Some of the greenest companies in Ohio tell how they did it -- and why

Green has always been a popular color in the business world. It's the color of money, after all. But green has new meaning to Ohio's corporate community. It means saving the earth, and what's good for the planet can be good for the bottom line as well.

Small distilleries reviving grand tradition of Ohio spirits industry

There was a time when Ohio overflowed with distilleries that made whisky, which wended its way down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. Over time, every last one of those distilleries dried up. Now, small-scale distilleries are reviving the grand tradition.

Q&A: Thane Maynard on the Cincinnati Zoo's quest to become the greenest in America

Whether he's on Cincinnati televison, a national late night show or on public radio's The 90-Second Naturalist, Thane Maynard is the public face of the Cincinnati Zoo. Personable and passionate, the longtime zoo director is an advocate for wildlife and natural preservation. That makes him the perfect spokesman for the Zoo's ongoing quest to be The Greenest Zoo in America.

Video: The technology behind "The Black Dove"

"The Black Dove," filmed in Cincinnati this fall, is based on legends and myths surrounding the creation and manufacture of a guitar and its fictional owner, Jake Williams, who seeks to recover the instrument after serving a prison term. In this video, we go behind the scenes to understand some of the technology that went into the making of the film.

Joe Pantuso's advice: do it now, don't wait for permission and do what the competition won't

When Joe Pantuso was a boy, he learned all the usual things in school -- spelling, math, history. His lessons, however, did not include the word that would come to define him most: entrepreneur.

ProjectOne to pump 10,000 jobs, $1.7 billion into Ohio economy

At a cost of $1 billion, ProjectOne is the largest construction project in Ohio State University's history. It's also expected to be one of the largest job-generators in central Ohio history, with as many as 10,000 new full-time positions by 2015.

Q&A: Digital guru Marc Canter says he's in Ohio to create jobs

Cleveland: The next digital city? Marc Canter sure thinks so. The guy who introduced the world to multimedia -- and created tens of thousands of jobs along the way -- now has a Cleveland area code.

hiVelocity debuts Jobs Available, Jobs Landed features

For the state of Ohio, creating new job opportunities is crucial to retaining talent and building a strong economy. Initiatives like the Ohio Third Frontier, and growing companies that bring new ideas to the marketplace, are creating those jobs every day.

Today, hiVelocity debuts two new sections: Jobs Available and Jobs Landed. If you're looking for that first great gig -- or if you're a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge -- we hope you'll check out the Jobs Available section. If you're curious about who's snagging those jobs, check out our Jobs Landed section. Watch both in the coming weeks as we highlight the coolest jobs we can find.

Video: And now, a fuel cell the size of a semi

It's the size of a tractor trailer, it's on wheels and completely transportable, with the capacity to power a small town. It's the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell, purchased by Ohio-based FirstEnergy to power 500 homes during a five year trial run. Watch this video for a quick explanation from the manufacturer of how this development is breaking new ground.  

Former P&G exec opens eyes with innovative new art form

For Jim Hall, innovation roared in on the back of a stroke and a bout with shingles. The result was a new vision of the world and a brand new art form, which is gaining attention for the shimmering colors and almost-moving shapes the former Procter & Gamble executive paints with hundreds of vertical, straight lines.

INTERalliance plugs brain drain by targeting high school IT talent

Cincinnati knows a good thing when it sees it . . . and homegrown talent is a good thing. So, in 2005, regional businesses and educators formed a collaborative nonprofit to plug the region's "brain drain" by cultivating students, beginning as early as the 10th grade.

Q&A: Doug Craver takes a breather to talk about Cleveland's tech environment

Doug Craver never stops moving. The 47-year-old northeast Ohio native is a serial entrepreneur who's had his hand in a half-dozen tech companies since he was 25 -- including CMI, Knotice and Realeflow. He's curently president and CEO of LaunchTribe -- but prefers the title of "startup craftsman."

Video: The Brandery

In August, we told you about The Brandery, a Cincinnati accelerator that wants to give entrepreneurs technical assistance and $20,000 in startup funding in exchange for a 6 percent equity stake in their new companies. SOAPBOX provides an overview in this video.

Happy birthday to us!

A year ago tomorrow, hiVelocity hit the webstand. In this issue, we take a look back -- why we ventured forth, what our goals were and what our readers have found most appealing.

Ohio glass industry looks to regain form through innovation, diversification

Once a dominating global player, Ohio's glass industry has been battered by increased foreign competition and changes in the American economy. Now, it is looking to innovation and diversification to regain the foothold that made it one of Ohio's most prominant industries.

Q&A: Steve Arless brings global biomed reputation to Cleveland -- here's why

Steve Arless has more than 35 years of international experience in the development, marketing and sales of medical devices. Seventeen of those years were spent at London-based Smith & Nephew, where he served as president for five years. His fame, though, accrued while president of CryoCath, which sold in 2006 for $380 million. Now CEO of Cleveland-based CardioInsight, this Montreal native is bringing his talents south.

Video: A look back in pictures

hiVelocity knows that words aren't the whole story. That's why we strive each and every issue to capture the personality of the people and the heartbeat of our topics in photos. In this video, Managing Photographer Ben French brings you the best of those photos from our first year. Enjoy this visual look back.

God save the queens

About one third of the food we eat is either directly or indirectly tied to honeybee crop pollination. Bees are under attack, however, by both manmade and natural forces. To help save them, Ohio beekeepers are breeding stronger queens that can withstand the stress our human lifestyles are placing on them.

Q&A: Elizabeth Edwards on Cincy's entrepreneurial ecosystem

Elizabeth Edwards is a former venture investor who believes there is no lack of innovation or entrepreneurial spirit in the greater Cincinnati region. What's needed, she says, are more ways to connect great ideas with resources. That's why Edwards left Neyer Holdings to form her own company, Metro Innovation -- and why she initiated programs like InOneWeekend three years ago and the Cincinnati Innovates contest, now it its second year. hiVelocity spoke to Edwards about Cincinnati's entrepreneurial climate.

If at first you don't succeed . . .

It's said that most startups fail within five years. Still, the possibility -- or experience -- of failure doesn't stop thousands of Ohioans from starting new businesses every year. hiVelocity talked to some successful Ohio entrepreneurs whose ingenuity and nimbleness led them to change direction or shelve ideas that weren't working. All three have different stories, but all recognized when it was time to change course and move on to new ideas.

Video: Numbskull prepares students for SAT, other tough tests

Cincinnati Innovates is a contest for anyone connected to the greater Cincinnati region who has a great idea that he or she thinks may have commercialization potential. This year's contest is now under way. One of last year's winners was Michael Bergman, who created a successful Facebook-based game called Numbskull (see our Q&A in this issue). To give you a better idea of the game, which helps prepare students for the SAT and other important exams, we're including a video in this issue of hiVelocity. Now, go score 2,400 points.

Ohio moves toward fast lane in electric, hybrid car development

Paul Havasi of Cleveland gets a lot of stares from fellow drivers on his way to work. His three-wheeled electric NmG is a rare sight. But laugh all you want; his choice of transport is the way of the future, according to the many businesses and researchers in Ohio developing technology and products for hybrid and electric cars.

Ohio sensors surge on back of Wright-Patt, regional strengths

A camera that can read your fingerprints from six feet away. A system that can catch criminals in a 16-square-mile area. Tiny planes that can soar over an urban battlefield and tell friend from foe. All are signs that Ohio is emerging as a major force in 21st century sensor technology.

Q&A: Energize Clinton County's Mark Rembert

Two years ago, Mark Rembert was a new college graduate working in a Philadelphia PR firm and thinking about joining the Peace Corps. He scrapped those plans when DHL Express announced it was shutting down its hub in Wilmington, costing thousands of local jobs. Instead, he and childhood friend Taylor Stuckert returned to help rebuild their hometown.

Video: You call THAT music?

A team of mechanical engineering students at Case Western Reserve University earlier this summer demonstrated their giant tesla coil -- an apparatus that produces extremely high-voltage, long-sparking displays. This one, they claim, not only produces long arcs of electricity, but can play songs. hiVelocity isn't sure about its future in concert halls, but we have to admit one thing: It has style.

Shaking off the rust: How Ohio’s manufacturing base is on the rise

Think manufacturing is dead in Ohio? Think again. Nearly 20,000 manufacturing jobs have been added across the state during the last year, according to a report recently released by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. Companies are posting profits again in their quarterly reports. And all signs say the manufacturing uptick is likely to continue.

NSBE nurtures pipeline, retention, of Ohio engineers

Of the 10,000 or so African American students who enroll in U.S. engineering programs each year, fewer than 3,500 graduate with engineering degrees. The National Society of Black Engineers wants to change that, and one of its targets is Ohio.

Q&A: Gary Conley preps a portal to manufacturing resources

As president of TechSolve, Gary Conley knows what it takes to go from concept to commerce. His organization -- part of the NIST Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a national network of affiliated manufacturing extension centers and field offices serving small manufacturers -- is also one of Ohio's seven Edison Technology Centers. Lately, Conley has been incubating an idea for improving the exchange of a wide array of valuable information to help manufacturers throughout Ohio. It's OMNI: the Ohio Manufacturing Network of Innovation. hiVelocity caught up with Conley to ask him about the concept.

Video: Pint Size Garden -- How Great Lakes Brewing is helping to teach sustainability

In a shining example of green initiatives in Cleveland, Great Lakes Brewing Company has operated the organic Pint Size Farm at Hale Farm and Village for the past three years. A fallow, historic orchard field, the farm has been transformed into an edible, culinary landscape using centuries-old gardening techniques combined with modern organic culture. Positively Cleveland takes us behind the scenes.

Q&A: NASA's Ray Lugo on Ohio's role in shifting space program

Ray Lugo has been around America's space program since he was a kid. Now, as director of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, he could be at the epicenter of changes within the space agency as President Obama has proposed a redirection of NASA priorities. That shift in focus could propel the Glenn Center to the top of the agency's research centers, leading the development of new technologies that will be the foundation of future space flight, and feeding millions of science and technology dollars into Ohio's economy.

Talent, timing, shaped Curtis Moody into one of Ohio's premier architects

For architect Curtis Moody, the mastermind behind Buckeye-born projects such as the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, the Ohio Statehouse renovation and the Center of Science and Industry, there was no easy road to success.

Video: Lorain County Community College's Fab Lab . . . it's fab!

When it opened in 2005, Lorain County Community College's Fab Lab (think fabrication) was the second such facility in the country. The other was at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, students and community residents alike are making use of its collection of machines that can be used to "make just about anything with features bigger than those of a computer chip." hiVelocity takes you behind the scenes.

Business plan competitions give flight to fledgling ideas

There are good ideas and then there are good ideas with a plan. The former often die on the vine, having nowhere to go. The latter create companies. More and more Ohio entrepreneurs with good ideas are now developing their business acumen through university business plan competitions. They are turning heads. And creating the kinds of enterprises that lead to jobs.

Video: DP&L's Yankee Solar Array

Late last month, Dayton Power and Light opened a new 1.1-megawatt solar array near its Yankee substation in Washington Township. Under construction for more than a year at a cost of $5 million, the Yankee Solar Array is expected to generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 150 homes a year. Here's a video from DP&L that shows off some of the bells and whistles. 

For these prodigal entrepreneurs, Ohio is home sweet home

If home really is special – offering a combination of the personal and professional fulfillment you crave – one day you'll come back. These entrepreneurs did.

Q&A: Melvin Gravely's view at the crossroads of race and business

Melvin Gravely II sits at the intersection of race and business -- an important place to be as the nation's minority populations rise within a rapidly changing economy. Founder of an engineering firm, author of seven books and a sought-after keynote speaker, Gravely is managing director of the Cincinnati-based Institute for Entrepreneurial Thinking, which works to bridge the gaps in reasoning that hinder minority entrepreneurship and community access to talent. hiVelocity asked Gravely about his work.

Gulf oil spill a bittersweet opportunity for Ohio cleanup experts

When something as destructive and disastrous as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurs, the country's top experts, specialists and industrialists rise to the occasion. Some of those experts are right here in Ohio.

Video: The importance of STEM

STEM education -- the integration of science, technology, engineering and math into every facet of learning -- is on the rise in Ohio.  This video, from the Ohio STEM Learning Network, explains the importance of STEM.

Carpe Ventum (Seize the Wind)

There are far windier places in the United State than Ohio, but there may be few better to site a wind farm. Readers, take notice: The wind industry is alive and growing in Ohio.

Small town entrepreneurs prove success not hinged on city lights

Big business doesn't always have to mean life in the big city. Some of Ohio's fastest-growing companies are proving that, becoming leaders in high-tech and service fields far from the outer-belts of Ohio's urban centers. And they plan on staying there.

Q&A: Nancy Bridgman talks about the NET Incubator's role in the Dayton region

The National Environmental Technology Incubator in Springfield may not be Ohio's biggest incubator, but its affiliation with Central State University makes it a key partner within the Dayton region's academic-business scene. No longer focused just on environmentally oriented companies, the NET incubator has plans to grow. Executive Director Nancy Bridgman brings us up to date in this interview.

Food movement is for real as Ohioans, producers, go local

Thousands of Ohioans are flocking to the farm, the farmers market and to restaurants to support locally grown produce. It's a bona fide movement, taking place all over the state — where a local farmer is just around the corner.

Globetrotters take note: Cutting international deals is never business as usual

You've got the passport. You've got the pocket dictionary. All you have to do is launch your trusty PowerPoint and wait for those Big Deals Abroad to become reality. Right? Slow down, globetrotter, and take this advice from Anne Cappel: "You can't simply go there and do business as usual."

Q&A: David Beck helps us sift through CIFT

Since 1995, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has helped companies involved in some of Ohio's largest and most economically significant industries: food production, processing, packaging. But the center's work reaches all across Ohio's agribusiness universe and it seems no part is left untouched, from research, to local food initiatives to advanced energy. David Beck, CIFT's president and CEO, spoke to us about some of the work CIFT is doing.

Video: Bot encounter, courtesy of Cuyahoga Community College's 3D animation program

This short animation was developed by Cuyahoga Community College student Chris Dike, who prepared the piece for a 3D animation class. Nice to know there's still a little bit of humanity in even the most violent robot encounters.

Ohio's growing film industry shows Hollywood glitter isn't all that counts

Hollywood may still have the name recognition for moviemaking, but some unlikely locations far from the glitter of the iconic California town are becoming the top choices for film producers to create their craft, and leaders in Ohio are positioning our state to tap into this latest evolution in the film industry.

Shrinking right: How Youngstown is miles ahead of Detroit

Last month, Terry Parris Jr., a writer for Model D in Detroit, took a look at Youngstown and its northern neighbor -- two midwestern cities with similar industrial legacies. He found that while Youngstown and Detroit share common economic challenges, each has tackled its problems differently. We've republished Parris' look at Youngstown in this issue of hiVelocity.

Q&A: Byrd Polar Research Center's Mosley-Thompson describes center's role at 50

Tucked away on the west side of the Ohio State University campus is the Byrd Polar Research Center -- an international leader in polar and alpine research that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. hiVelocity spoke with Director Ellen Mosley-Thompson, who came to OSU on a graduate fellowship and never left. A professor of geography, leading expert in ice core paleoclimatology and frequent flyer to Antarctica and Greenland, her responsibilities include caring for 7,000 ice cores stored at 30-below in the bowels of Scott Hall.

Video: The ecological footprint, er, hoofprint of a cow

What kind of footprint do cattle leave on the environment? Doc Sanders explores cow burps and modern dairy practices. From the Ohio Farm Bureau's Our Ohio.

Video: Building value with green deconstruction

When buildings are demolished, the debris is usually hauled off to a landfill. However, in the spirit of society's ever increasing environmental consciousness, the folks at Building Value began using an alternative method. By deconstructing a building, they are able to salvage and reuse more than 80 percent of the building material. Soapbox and Seven/Seventy-Nine take you behind the scenes.

Who's snagging the young professionals? These folks are

Thanks to work done by folks like Richard Florida and Rebecca Ryan, cities are more aware than ever that the key to economic prosperity lies in attracting and retaining young professionals. Not only that, by reading their books – The Rise of the Creative Class and Live First, Work Second, respectively – we can pinpoint the factors that go into a young person's choice of city. All across Ohio, highly motivated organizations are relying on that data in an attempt to meet the needs of those coveted YPs, or young professionals.

Four year's later, Columbus' Tech Corridor powers on with new approach

Four years ago, a grand plan was rolled out for the "315 Research and Technology Corridor," one that envisioned coordinated, concentrated development of high-tech industry in an area roughly along Columbus's I-315. Since then, development has taken another course -- one that shows that the vision, if not the original game plan, is still alive.

Q&A: Steven Weathers gives an inside look at the future of northwest Ohio

Steven Weathers, president and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership, knows that the automotive industry isn't likely to come back to northwest Ohio anytime soon — and he's OK with that.

Immigrants emerge as growing economic force across Ohio

In the wake of the Arizona immigration law rancor and anti-immigration rhetoric, Cleveland civic activist and author Richard Herman finds himself shaking his head a lot these days. "Contrary to common perception, immigrants aren't a drain on the economy. They're what fuels growth."

Community colleges power transition to new economy jobs

Josh LaBonte can make a claim few graduating college students can these days: When he walks through Lorain County Community College's commencement later this month, he has two jobs waiting.

Q&A: Indian chamber president explains new group's vision for southwestern Ohio

The Indian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky  is neither an ethnic organization nor a social group, President Rayan Coutinho says. Rather, it's an organization "to create a forum and resource pool for Indian and American businesses and professionals." hiVelocity recently asked Coutinho about the new organization and its goals.

Video: Secret Cincinnati and its plea for continued high-tech funding

What separates creative minds from -- um -- less creative minds? This video provides a glimpse of how a new web portal, Secret Cincinnati (see our story in Innovation & Job News), came together over one weekend and the type of creative thinking that flourishes among Ohio's young entrepreneurs.

Tiny Israel taking big strides in Buckeye State

Israel boasts the highest number of start-ups per capita in the world. Ohio wants to be a second home to some of these businesses as they build their worldwide markets. Thanks to the aggressive efforts of business developers across the state, Ohio has become one of the most successful states in attracting investment from Israeli companies.

Hackerspaces give tinkerers room to work out 'next big thing'

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once said his biggest competitive fear was "someone in a garage who is devising something completely new." Now, across Ohio, collective tinkering is taking place in hackerspaces -- for all practical purposes, modern, uber-garages where trained engineers, tech enthusiasts retirees and casual DIYers, work on what could be the "Next Big Thing."

Q&A: Cool Cleveland's brain trust tells how it all happened

Every Wednesday, tens of thousands of inquisitive folks open up their email inboxes to find the latest e-blast from Cool Cleveland. Started in 2002 by Thomas Mulready, the newsletter has become a trusted guide to Cleveland-specific events and activities. A lot has changed in the past eight years, and Thomas Mulready's Cool Cleveland has been one of the few constants throughout that time.

Video: The ins and outs of one wind tower installation

In late October, Owens Community College in northwestern Ohio installed its second wind turbine. Take a look as workers put the finishing touches on this gigantic structure.

Video: Robot battle at FIRST Buckeye Regional Robotics Competition

It was a bot battle to end all bot battles when some 60 high school teams from Ohio and elsewhere descended on Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center March 25 - 27. The object? To win a game called Breakaway. hiVelocity was there.

For these serial entrepreneurs, it's lather, rinse, repeat

The risk of starting a new business is great, the rewards uncertain. But some people enjoy the process. These "serial entrepreneurs" do it over and over again. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Ohio Aerospace Institute: connecting the dots since 1989

It doesn't always make the news. It's seldom in the limelight. But working behind the scenes, the Ohio Aerospace Institute is a facilitator -- a bridge builder -- the caulking in the cracks.

Q&A: Auto support council's Eric Burkland describes scenario for an industry rebound

The pessimism that permeates news reports about Ohio's auto industry bewilders Eric Burkland. Yes, there's a lot of pain right now, he says. But given the right strategies, Ohio's auto industry is positioned to rebound as a global leader.

Appalachian Ohio moving fast toward high-tech future

Geoff Greenfield is an example of the type of entrepreneur who is becoming the modern face of the economy in Appalachian Ohio. As founder and president of Third Sun Solar and Wind Power in Athens, Greenfield is part of a thriving alternative energy industry that is making its home in Athens County.

STEM program STEPPS into Dayton's core to prepare next wave of high-tech professionals

For President George H. W. Bush, it was one of a "1,000 points of light." But for some Dayton kids, a program focused on getting inner city students into math and science careers is a pathway to a new future.

Q&A: OU Innovation Center chief talks about why region is a great place to live and work

Since its formation in 1983, Ohio University's Innovation Center has nurtured more than 80 companies, creating more than 1,000 jobs. The university itself has helped develop nine spinoff companies from university-invented technology. And faculty and staff are responsible for the startup of another 27 companies. Today, the OU Innovation Center -- the state's first university-small business incubator -- is home to 13 startups with big plans for the future. hiVelocity recently caught up with Center Director Jennifer Simon to find out what gives southeastern Ohio its entrepreneurial chemistry.

Video: Rock'n Roller Coaster

If first you don't succeed, try, try again. Maybe that's the lesson for these first-year Ohio State University engineering students as they construct a homemade roller coaster using the principles they've learned in class.

Q&A: Rail veteran tackles 3C Corridor's burning questions

In January, Gov. Ted Strickland announced that Ohio had received $400 million in federal stimulus money to develop a "3C Corridor" passenger rail system linking Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Immediately, questions flew: Will the trains go fast enough? How many stops? Who will ride it? Will the benefits be worth the money?  hiVelocity caught up with James E. Seney, who served as executive director of the Ohio Rail Development Commission under former Gov. Bob Taft. Seney, who oversaw the Taft Administration's original Ohio Hub rail plan to link Ohio to midwestern and east coast lines, says all questions are valid -- but that Ohio has an opportunity that's too good to pass up. 

Miami Valley soars on wings of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

If you think Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is merely a parking lot for planes and a layover for enlistees, you're as wrong at the folks who told Orville and Wilbur "it'll never fly." That's because behind those gates, alongside those hangers, buzzing in those offices, is a mega-engine of business that's critical to the Ohio economy.

Laid off? This entrepreneur says, "start a business"

Are you laid off from work in the middle of the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression? Start a business.That's some of the advice given by entrepreneur Mike Hooven, who in 1994 at the age of 38, took $22,000 in stock options from his comfortable position at Ethicon to start his first company.

Video: Riding with the Wright Brothers -- where it all began

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base may be the jewel in Ohio's aerospace crown, but without the Wright Brothers to pave the way, who knows what Ohio's aviation history would look like? Take a ride with Orville and Wilber in this segment from "On Great White Wings," a documentary that re-creates the key events of the Wright Brothers development of the airplane. It is installed at the National Park Service's Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park visitor center in Dayton.

Akron partnership banks on building biomedical corridor, jobs

"I came to Akron because I was quite impressed with the vision of what the BioInnovation Institute could become," says Dr. Frank Douglas. "There is a tremendous desire here to do something that improves the health of the economy in this region – and that's why this will succeed."

Q&A: Baiju Shah reveals the secrets of BioEnterprise's success

President and CEO of BioEnterprise Baiju Shah never stops moving. And neither does BioEnterprise. Shah's organization has been a part of a growing campaign that -- in the last eight years -- has developed 120 biomedical companies, attracted $925 million in funding and created more than 2,100 jobs (and counting) in northeastern Ohio. hiVelocity recently caught up with Shah to get the inside scoop on how BioEnterprise is helping to define an industry and a region.

New technologies, Twitter, reshape how farmers work and connect

While the image of farmer Brown milking a cow from a stool may linger in the imagination, old Bessie today is more likely to make her way through a sophisticated milking parlor wearing an electronic collar -- not a bell. And while the image of farmer Brown may be one of a humble man in overalls, his world today is one of college degrees, self-steering combines, and use of Twitter and Facebook as a way to connect with other farmers and a hungry population.

Video: It's an action figure party!

If you've ever walked down the toy aisle of any major store, chances are you've seen the work of Sculpco, a Cincinnati-based company that has created action figures for Hollywood Blockbusters, hit TV shows, video games, and things we haven't heard of yet. Soapbox and Seven/Seventy-Nine recently went inside Sculpco to see what makes this unique Cincinnati business tick. You won't want to miss this if you're a fan of action figures or have a child who always wants the latest and greatest toy.

Old neighborhoods emerge from ashes as hip centers of growth

Ohio neighborhoods are finding a second – or third – life as hip, new attractions for business, families and young professionals. Drawing on a combination of historic preservation and interest an urban lifestyle -- and tapping into corporate investment and state aid -- more than a dozen such neighborhoods have risen from the ashes

Q&A: Cleveland sustainability chief outlines plans for a greener city

When Mayor Frank Jackson promoted Andrew Watterson from sustainability programs manager to Chief of Sustainability, a cabinet-level position, he illustrated in very certain terms his commitment to sustainability. hiVelocity borrowed a few minutes of Watterson's quickly vanishing spare time to check in on Cleveland's quest to become a "Green City on a Blue Lake."

Video: A child prodigy's assessment of eTech Ohio's annual conference

Twelve-year-old teacher and author Adora Svitak reports from Columbus, filming herself in a mirror with commentary on this month's eTech Ohio conference, where she was a keynote speaker. We think the future of America is in safe hands.

Seamless connect between programs, capital, credited with Ohio's high-tech rise

Tony Giordano has been around the block. He's started successful companies in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He has a good job as assistant dean of research and business development at Louisiana State University's Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. So why is he moving his new cardiovascular company from Louisiana to Cleveland? Quite simply, he says, there's no place like Ohio.

GE Aviation project highlights company-community partnership

Decades after Orville Wright helped dedicate a facility that grew to become GE Aviation's headquarters in Evendale, the complex is poised for a transformation that will bring its work environment in line with the today's globally competitive landscape.

Ohio's young entrepreneurs prove age no barrier

These days, some of the biggest ideas are coming from the youngest of minds. College students and recent graduates across Ohio are combining bold ideas with bold action, fueling the state's transformation one job at a time. hiVelocity caught up with a few of the young entrepreneurs who are making a mark on Ohio.

Video: A quick lesson in how airplane propellers are made

Ever wonder how an airplane propeller is made? hiVelocity traveled to Piqua to get a first-hand look. Our host was Hartzell Propeller (see our Dec. 17 story), which made its first blade in 1917. By the way, the company says Piqua's a great place to do business. 

Q&A: Ohio Sea Grant's Jeffrey Reutter explains the economic importance of Lake Erie

Ohio has a monumental stake in what happens to Lake Erie. Invasive species, algal blooms, chemical runoff and climate change all have the potential to stagger the economic engine that generates thousands of Ohio jobs. Since 1978, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has turned to Ohio State University -- which operates one of 30 Sea Grant College Programs around the country -- for some of the answers to Erie's most pressing problems. hiVelocity asked Program Director Dr. Jeffrey M. Reutter about the role the OSU Sea Grant Program plays in Ohio's economy.

Ohio's creative design reputation finally catching up with its legacy

For years, Ohio has been a quiet powerhouse in the worlds of industrial design, architecture, communications design and brand marketing. Problem was, few people outside the state noticed. No more. The Buckeye state's reputation, particularly along the I-71 corridor from Cleveland to Cincinnati, is charging to the forefront.

Cleveland Clinic provides spark for region, plans 1,800 new jobs

The Cleveland Clinic may have hemorrhaged millions of dollars during this recession, but the setback hasn't stopped the prestigious healthcare organization as a regional growth catalyst poised to bring life back into a lagging job market and local economy.

Video: "Typical day" of a BGSU business student -- really?

What's the typical day look like for a Bowling Green State University business student? For one who doesn't take himself too seriously, it looks like this.

Video: Robots to the rescue!

You read about this robot in our Oct. 8 issue. Now take a look for yourself at the little robot that could -- a daring, danger-loving machine whose development grew from applied research at the University of Cincinnati.

Unique partnership aims to get docs off drawing board, into marketplace

If you were to walk into Jeffrey Van Buren's physical therapy practice, you might see him working with clients using a self-designed platform that helps muscles react more quickly when presented with unexpected challenges. Van Buren now has dreams of getting his unique apparatus into the marketplace. And while that goal is still a dream, an innovative collaboration between his employer and TechColumbus is making it closer to reality every day.

Q&A: "Chief Evangelist" preaches the virtues of a revived Youngstown

Jim Cossler, an entrepreneurial expert, is chief executive officer of the Youngstown Business Incubator. He is also known as an "Chief Evangelist." His gospel? Spreading the good word about the growth and development of small businesses in the Youngstown area.

Cincinnati's green building boom reflects Ohioans' changing priorities

"They used to think you were a hippie if you mentioned green," says Cincinnati realtor Libby Hunter. "Now we're getting clients where it's first on their list of priorities."

Video: Balluminaria 2009 lights up Cincinnati

One of the best, and lesser-known, events in Cincinnati is Balluminaria. Yeah, they're low-tech, but see how these tried and true flying machines lit up Eden Park last month.

Serial entrepreneur's roller coaster life on way back up with new microwave design

"Sometimes in life we run into buzz saws," says entrepreneur Phil Davis. "Kirk Wright was mine." Davis is referring to former hedge fund manager Kirk Wright, who in 2008 was found guilty of numerous counts of fraud after swindling investors out of more than $150 million. Days after his conviction, Wright committed suicide in jail. But it wasn't cash that Wright stole from Davis – it was his reputation.

Evergreen Cooperatives focused on creating jobs, money, within communities

"Compared to all the different community development programs we've tried over the years," says India Pierce Lee, Program Director with the Cleveland Foundation, "Evergreen Cooperatives leaves me more optimistic about opportunities for change than anything else I've seen."

Q&A: Where are all the "green" jobs? Economist Ned Hill sheds some light

Green jobs. Everybody is for them, it seems. But try to define a green job, and the term becomes elusive. To get a better handle on what green jobs are and where they might have the most impact on Ohio's economy, hiVelocity spoke to leading economist Edward W. (Ned) Hill, Distinguished Scholar of Economic Development and dean of Cleveland State University's Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Shawnee State's not playing games with focus on interactive tech

The distance between the Ohio River Valley and California's Silicon Valley is getting smaller all the time. That's because Shawnee State University, in Portsmouth – the Scioto County riverside town with a neighborhood known as Boneyfiddle and a downtown spot honoring Roy Rogers -- is closing the gap.

Homebrewer's unique suds make way from garage to groceries

Most decent home brewers, it seems, are buoyed by an entourage of encouraging friends who think they've actually got a shot. The brutal truth? Almost none ever manage to turn a passion for home brewing into a viable enterprise. Matt Chappel appears to have bucked those odds.

Q&A: Pat Valente talks about Ohio's fuel cell environment

Ohio has become a top destination for the fuel cell industry. Both large and small manufacturers -- many in traditional "old" economy industries -- are getting ready for a future that depends less on fossil fuels and more on advanced and alternative energy technologies. hiVelocity caught up with Pat Valente, executive director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, to ask about the state of the fuel cell industry in Ohio.

Video: Buckeye Bullet 2 breaks land speed record

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2 is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle designed to break the land speed record for electric vehicles. In September, the car -- designed and built by Ohio State University students working at the OSU Center for Automotive Research -- did just that, surpassing 300 mph. Watch how the run unfolded.

What's green and square and sits on your Web page? ShareThis

Sharing isn't just for kids anymore. Thanks to a Cincinnati start-up, it's now one of the hottest ways for grown-ups to keep their friends up to date on their favorite things on the Internet.

Layoff leads to new career at leading-edge nanotech firm

Like many workers in this unstable economy, the year didn't start off well for Matt Garver. But thanks to his expertise, a burgeoning technology and a helping hand from the state, his prospects for 2009 brightened. So did his career.

Q&A: Ray Leach explains Ohio's bullish venture capital climate

For every entrepreneur with a great idea, for every young company that wants to expand, the same question looms large: Where will we get the money to gain traction? Until a few years ago, the answer for most Ohio firms was "not here." hiVelocity spoke with JumpStart's Chief Executive Officer Ray Leach about the turnaround in Ohio's venture capital environment.

Video: Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's the NmG

It may look different, because -- well -- it IS different. This all-electric vehicle produced by Tallmadge, Ohio -based Myers Motors is a three-wheeler with an electric drive powered by an advanced lithium battery.

OSU and its partners pioneer hybrid power conversion with 900 jobs in mind

There's a high-stakes race on in the electric vehicle arena, and an Ohio State University-based collaborative plans to lead the way -- at least in the commercial vehicle market.

Q&A: Tony Dennis explains Ohio's rise in biosciences

Ohio is quickly becoming a leader in new economy industries, and there's no better example than what's happening in the biomedical industry. Ohio has emerged as a consensus top ten state, with more than 1,141 bio-related entities operating here in 2008. We spoke with Tony Dennis, BioOhio's president and chief executive officer, to find out what's behind the growth.

This lion eats rice hulls for breakfast -- or anytime, for that matter

One man's waste is another man's synthetic natural gas. And a dismal economy for one company is another's opportunity.

Video: Dynalifter -- low speeds, low energy, big potential

This is not your grandpa's blimp. Swanton-based Ohio Airships claims its Dynalifter will be the first new category of aircraft to fly in Ohio since the Wright Flyer more than 100 years ago. Designed to carry heavy loads over long distances, the Dynalifter isn't in production yet -- but the company tells hiVelocity that the sky's the limit.

Love where you live, love where you work

Times have changed in the work world. And for young professionals today, especially those with families, it's just as important to love where you live as it is to love where you work.

Built on glass, northwest Ohio's Solar industry creates 5,000 new jobs

A number of Toledo-area alternative energy companies are turning sunlight into usable energy and, in turn, a gloomy economy into a brighter future. Sound like a cheesy government pamphlet? Not so fast.

Q&A with NASA Glenn Research Center: Making an impact in the life of Ohioans

Located on a 350-acre campus outside Cleveland, the NASA Glenn Research Center has an estimated $1 billion impact annually. hiVelocity found out why recently when we spoke with Howard Ross, Associate Director for Planning and Evaluation, and Kathy Needham, Chief of the Technology Transfer and Partnership Office.

Video: Ohio University Ecohouse illustrates real-life potential of Ohio's clean economy

Solar power, biomass, clean technology -- all are important parts of Ohio's "clean economy." But what would they look like all under one roof? Catch a glimpse of the future in this tour of Ohio University's Ecohouse, a model for sustainable living that serves as a student residence and learning center.

Video: Solar industry shapes Toledo, Ohio economy

Ohio's economic transition means new jobs in advanced and alternative energy. See how the solar industry is making a difference in shaping the economies of the Toledo region and the entire state of Ohio -- and how some Ohio workers are transitioning to new opportunities within this new environment. 

Laid-off automotive worker wins second chance at Renegade Materials

Hooked on automotives since high school, Chris Hocker had established himself as a go-to guy in a job building engine fuel deck assemblies for GM trucks and vans. Then, his dream evaporated like the exhaust from a Chevy Blazer.

Q&A: Pew Trusts' Kil Huh talks about Ohio's prominence in the clean energy economy

Surprise, surprise. A national survey released by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows Ohio is suddenly a leader in the clean energy economy. What's going on? We spoke with Kil Huh of the Pew Trusts to get the straight scoop.
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