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Evergreen Cooperatives focused on creating jobs, money, within communities

"Compared to all the different community development programs we've tried over the years," says India Pierce Lee, Program Director with the Cleveland Foundation, "Evergreen Cooperatives leaves me more optimistic about opportunities for change than anything else I've seen."

Q&A: Where are all the "green" jobs? Economist Ned Hill sheds some light

Green jobs. Everybody is for them, it seems. But try to define a green job, and the term becomes elusive. To get a better handle on what green jobs are and where they might have the most impact on Ohio's economy, hiVelocity spoke to leading economist Edward W. (Ned) Hill, Distinguished Scholar of Economic Development and dean of Cleveland State University's Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Homebrewer's unique suds make way from garage to groceries

Most decent home brewers, it seems, are buoyed by an entourage of encouraging friends who think they've actually got a shot. The brutal truth? Almost none ever manage to turn a passion for home brewing into a viable enterprise. Matt Chappel appears to have bucked those odds.

Q&A with NASA Glenn Research Center: Making an impact in the life of Ohioans

Located on a 350-acre campus outside Cleveland, the NASA Glenn Research Center has an estimated $1 billion impact annually. hiVelocity found out why recently when we spoke with Howard Ross, Associate Director for Planning and Evaluation, and Kathy Needham, Chief of the Technology Transfer and Partnership Office.

140 Articles | Page: | Show All
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