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Allen County Museum, Lima, OH
Allen County Museum, Lima, OH
Founded in 1831 at the edge of the legendary Big Black Swamp, is it any wonder that Lima was named after Lima, Peru, the source of the quinine bark once used to treat malaria? No matter. The Black Swamp long since drained, Lima is now better known alternately as "a community of value," "a top-10 place to raise a family," and a community with "big town advantages in a small-town atmosphere."

Manufacturing (including BP Chemicals, Ford, Dana Corp., General Dynamics and Countryside Foods/I&K Distributors) is still king in this area. With more than 11,000 people involved, it represents a fourth of Allen County's workforce and accounts for about $8 billion of the county's $10- to 12-billion economy. Lima also boasts strong healthcare and retail industries, which employ more than 7.500 and 6,000 people, respectively.

For fun, catch a midget-car race at Limaland Motorsports Park, pitch horseshoes at the Allen County Fairgrounds, snarf a Kewpee Burger, or check out the Lima Warriors, a semi-pro football team that has stomped the competition since its formation in 2003. Locals also like to call the area number one for up-ground reservoir fishing.

Lima Features

Ohio's rural biz incubators thrive with best practices, clear results

Ohio is home to a host of smaller and rural business incubators. Despite dispersed populations and limited local markets, many are getting results similar to their urban counterparts--on much tighter budgets.

Ohio's supercomputer: 154 trillion calculations per second

A massive computer cluster housed in the Ohio Supercomputer Center operates at staggering speeds--and businesses large and small around the state are using the digital giant to break through technological barriers.

State funds bridge hard times, pave a path to success for Ohio entrepreneurs

Ohio Third Frontier's generous funding programs bolster startups from the pre-seed stage, over the "valley of death," and through commercialization.

The money guide

As a companion to our main feature, hiVelocity outlines some of Ohio's state-sponsored funding opportunities for the innovative and savvy.

Ohio's smaller communities innovate to retain and attract talent

Data shows Ohio's rural communities and smaller metros are hemorrhaging young adults -- a key to maintaining an entrepreneurial and civically engaged society. Despite the uphill battle, many smaller communities in Ohio are finding creative means to retain and attract young, talented workers.
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Lima Companies

Iberdrola Renewables

Iberdrola Renewables

City: Van Wert
Industry: Advanced and Alternative Energy,Entrepreneurship,Sustainability
American Trim

American Trim

City: Lima
Industry: Advanced Materials