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Global Neighbor

2000 Composite Drive
Dayton, OH 45420
Global Neighbor was founded in 2003 on the principals of providing families safe, effective and chemical-free lawn care products. President Jon Jackson's signature product is the AC-driven NatureZap, an innovative a device that kills broadleaf weeds through a combination of high heat -- which damages the root system -- and natural processes that introduce fungus into the damaged root. Jackson, who sells NatureZap in specialty catalogs and online, expects to sell his 1000th unit this year. While the product is currently manufactured overseas, Jackson plans to move production to Tipp City as demand increases. Johnson is also working on a cost-competitive version of a line of NatureCut battery operated mowers manufactured by Twist Inc., in Jamestown Ohio. The company also sells the lightweight, plug-in NatureTill Cultivator. Global Neighbor has benefited from a $12,500 Third Frontier grant through the Dayton Development Coalition, resulting in matching funds from private sources. Jackson is the company's only employee, but he intends to hire two more within the next year.

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