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When someone registers for an eEvent, they’re prompted to share a personal, unique URL across any platform – social media, or email. When someone signs up using their link, they move up in the event ‘Top Ambassador’ leaderboard. Not only is this a fun gaming element that people love, but you can offer relevant incentives as a prize to the person who gets the most people to come while you find out who your top influencers are.

With eEvent, event planners can grow their events organically, sell out events and grow them socially in real-time. eEvent’s time-saving features, turnkey data collection and analytics help planners easily identify their most active guests and successful online promotions to save effort and money in future events.

All the event attendees love eEvent’s simple registration process. eEvent has social media and guests connections built-in, making it easy to network with others and share events with their friends.

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