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Dayton-based Woolpert has been developing new 3-D technology through its venture, i23D, and expects demand for 3-D modeling to increase significantly in the coming years. Woolpert, a design, engineering and geospatial firm, started i23D last year in connection with the University of Dayton-led Institute for Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology and Tidex Systems Ltd., a Tel Aviv company that specializes in interactive video technology. Tidex originally developed the software that allows a two dimensional video to be made into a 3-D video model using only a conventional video camera. Although there are other methods that allow similar modeling, i23D's technology makes it much less expensive because you only need an ordinary video camera to complete the mapping the company says. In much of the current technology lasers are used to create the map, a much more expensive method. i23D is looking for additional funding to complete its research to fully develop the software.

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