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Founder Focus: Matt Braun of Magnate Interactive

Matt Braun
Matt Braun

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Since hiVelocity first met Matt Braun last year, he's advanced his mobile software design and development firm Magnate Interactive and launched a new app. We thought it was high time to catch up with one of Toledo's most exciting young entrepreneurs.
Matt Braun is constantly on the move.

For many, managing a company like Magnate Interactive would amount to a full plate. But Braun is continuing to expand his entrepreneurial resume with the recent launch of SketchParty TV, a mobile app that turns an Apple TV and iPad into a Pictionary-like party game.
“The app has gotten great press and recognition, including television appearances and winning some editor’s choice awards,” boasts Braun.  To that end, GottaBe Mobile describes the app as, "Pictionary on Steroids With AirPlay," while macstories calls it a "real gem" worthy of an all-night play session. 

Now Braun is using what he’s learned from developing and marketing the app to benefit at least six new clients he’s brought on at Magnate Interactive since hiVelocity last spoke with him. With all of those balls in the air, the obvious question is: How does Braun keep track of everything and manage his schedule?
“I use an app for the iPhone called 30/30,” Braun explains. “In it, I set up a list of the tasks I’d like to get done during a set amount of time -- say 30 minutes, and then let the app let me know when to stop and take a break or when to move on to something else.” This type of micro managing has helped him focus his efforts as the remaining time to work on a task ticks away. He recommends the technique to other aspiring Ohio entrepreneurs.
Speaking of Ohio entrepreneurs, Braun paints a bright picture for Northwest Ohio. “Toledo has a long history of innovation, especially in the glass, manufacturing, and automotive spaces,” says the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce member. He believes Toledoans are responding to the need to adapt to new technologies. “One of the startups I’m working with now is focused on making education more efficient and individually focused. Another I work with is going to improve an aspect of personal healthcare and monitoring through technology.”
This, Braun says, is the future of Toledo’s reputation as an innovation hotbed.
“I’ve met some really smart and hard-working people here in Toledo, and I’m proud to have the privilege of working with them.”
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