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Anne Hubben

Meet Anne Hubben, a creative career coach and recruiter with one employee. Hubben coaches creative people on how to best present themselves in the job market and how to find their right fitting work in the world. She recruits creative digital talent for companies in Cleveland, New York and other major cities.
How did you come to be an entrepreneur?
I was working at an ad agency in New York that was bought by a large holding company. I could see the whole vibe of the agency changing from a family feel to more of a bottom line mentality.
I always thought it would be nice to recruit on my own without reporting to a boss. I was 43 and I had this epiphany of What am I waiting for? I seemed to be in a good place for taking a risk. I didn't have anyone depending on me financially, had some money in the bank and owned my apartment. I started recruiting as Ruby Creatives in 2007 and when I added coaching, I changed the company to my own name.
Why did you start your business?
I was tired of spending all my time and energy working for someone else's goals and priorities. I also craved more time to pursue my own interests. I had developed a reputation as a recruiter and I wanted to be able to create my own policies and mission statement to reflect who I am. 
How is Cleveland different than New York in finding talent or in operating your business?
Many of my clients are in NYC so I find people there. My Cleveland client has the same high standards that my NYC clients have, the only difference is I search for people in more Midwestern cities. It can be challenging because I'm cold calling candidates -- often happy in their jobs -- to see if they want to move to Cleveland. But the agency I work with is so good that candidates are open to the possibility of relocating, since it means adding great work to their portfolios. I also get to share all the great things that I've discovered about Cleveland with a potential newcomer.
Why did you choose to work with creative professionals?
I have so much admiration for the creative process and for people who make their livings by being creative. My approach is much more fluid and shaped by what I learn about each individual, rather than any preconceived boiler plate approach.
What do you do to blow off steam after a hard day?
I mostly hang out with my sister and her two kids who live across the street. I also love to explore Cleveland. The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of my favorite spots. I try out the many culinary spots and I’m a life-long West Side Market devotee. I go to the Beachland Ballroom to hear music. We're very lucky with music, food and art in this town.
What’s next for you and your company?   
I'm focusing on growing my recruiting business while continuing to do one-on-one career coaching. That will require hiring more people. By the end of this year I'd like to have at least one full time recruiter, in addition to my researcher, so I can actively pursue even more clients.
There are so many startups doing really cool things that require smart, talented people and I'm connecting with all over the country. I love helping them find the right place to hone their talents and grow professionally.

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