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Dave Lazor of Lazorpoint

Meet Dave Lazor, founder and CEO of Lazorpoint, an IT consulting firm.
Lazorpoint resolves IT scenarios. “Think. Build. Run.” is the company’s motto. Starting with a smart strategy, Lazorpoint builds out its clients’ systems and make sure they keep running.
What makes Lazorpoint unique?
Lazorpoint is especially skilled in handling complex and difficult IT situations. The company has a unique understanding of what it means to own a business, take business risks, grow a business and make investments.
With our Point Man service, we provide the vision, leadership and relentless service that instill confidence and provide peace of mind, allowing our clients to focus on better serving their customers.

Why did you start your business?
At the age of nine, I wrote my first piece of software. From that point, I knew I was going to start a business someday. While pursing my engineering degree at University of Michigan, I worked summers in a variety of IT roles, where I had to fight for opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways. Upon graduation, I worked at one of the largest technology companies on the west coast and helped to quickly grow the largest revenue-generating product, but still felt I wasn’t reaching my full potential.  In 1996 I began thinking about starting my own company. In 1997 I moved back to Cleveland and founded Lazorpoint.    
How did you come up with the idea?

The intersection of business and technology has always fascinated me. I felt there was a need with these mid-size CEOs who were faced with a tenfold increase in the pace of change in the market. They were on an IT treadmill and it was turned up to full speed almost overnight. I knew that I was qualified to help them understand why they needed a strategic Information System and how to effectively achieve this.

What motivates you to go into work each day?

The pursuit of reaching a high level of potential, personally and as a team. Together, we help our clients reach their potential.

What does your office do to build loyalty? 

We celebrate our wins. We attract people who thrive on challenge and have a growth mindset, and then we get out of their way.  Coaching and mentoring is baked into our culture -- we give people a lot of rope, trust and drive decisions to the lowest level possible. We’ve created career paths for each employee, which is unique for a small company.
Who was your first customer and where did you find them?

He was an industrial distributor, the father of a girl I went to high school with in Lakewood. He had recently started a business. In hindsight, it was probably a big leap of faith for him, but I think he saw my work ethic in school and football.
Ideally, where will Lazorpoint be in five years?
We plan on doubling our business a thoughtful and purposeful way. We are deeply embedded in our clients and want to add true value as a result of on our “Point Man Experience.” We’ve consistently been recognized as a best place to work, and have built a reputation for being a great company, one that acts as a champion to not only create the right strategy, but also see it through.  

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