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Dean Miuccio of Dean Miuccio Productions, LLC

How did you start your business? 
I had been in radio and television broadcasting for more than 20 years, including network television (Dick Clark Productions) and wanted to have my own company after being bit by the TV production bug when working for Dick Clark.

How did you come up the idea for your business? 
From my past broadcasting experience. I wanted to take that knowledge and put it to use -- not just to have a thriving company, but to help others with their business branding and exposure in an affordable way.

What resources here did you take advantage of and how did they help?
I tapped into the incredible talent that is here in the TriState area, including Randi Douglas, Amanda Orlando, Phil Brown, Brent Bachochin, Tony Clark, Eddie Dunn, Blake Jamison and Jen Neyer. All of them come from an entertainment background.

What does a typical day in your business look like?
Meeting and coming up with show ideas and guests for Cincinnality, a televised talk-variety show that airs Sundays at 11:30 pm on Fox19.

Plus, I spend time shooting and editing video for clients of  Dean Miuccio Productions, as well as creating graphics and audio recordings, attending meetings off site and networking.

What’s next for you and your company? 
We have the TV show Cincinnality, and hope to land a Monday-through-Friday time slot on Fox19 not too far down the road. We are also working on two reality show pilots that we’ll be pitching to local, cable and network television stations.

We want to focus on local businesses that need exposure and help these businesses grow. We have so many opportunities within DMP and through Cincinnality -- we can get the word out better than anyone about new businesses that have been struggling.

Interview by Robin Donovan

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