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Jeff Friedman of Webtego

Meet Jeff Friedman, founder of Webtego, a web development company.

What is Webtego?

Webtego develops websites and complex, web-based applications for corporations. We become very embedded in our clients’ businesses so we can offer long-term, evolving solutions for them, ranging from marketing online to running their business efficiently though applications. Many of our clients have been with us for 10 to 15 years.
How did you come to be an entrepreneur?
I never thought I would be an entrepreneur and am still amazed by my career path 16 years after starting Webtego. At the time, I was in law school studying to be an environmental attorney. During my second year of school I was having a beer with one of my best friends from high school. We were talking about how fast the Internet was going to grow and what an amazing opportunity it was to change the way companies do business. This was back when most people didn’t know anything about the Internet.
For the first two years of the company I would go on sales calls and explain what the Internet was. And now it is hard to imagine life without it. My friend and I decided to jump in and build websites for companies. By the time I finished school we were having a great time working with clients around the country. Although I didn’t know at the time, or plan on this being a career, I’m grateful to my partners and clients for making this such an amazing experience.  
Can you share a funny or amazing entrepreneurial experience with our readers?
Our very first client was a non-profit organization based in New York. We created their website for free so we had something in our portfolio to show on sales calls. We really didn’t know much about them when we started. We hooked up with them because my partner’s sister-in-law was doing some work for them. It turned out to be a non-profit affiliated with a bunch of fashion models. They were so appreciative of our work that they invited us to their annual fundraising events and after parties.
I’ll never forget being at these events as a 20-something hanging out with models, the NY Rangers, Donald Trump and being amazed that you never know where relationships, clients and life can take you. My partner and I, literally, were the only people in the room who weren’t celebrities. I wonder who they thought we were. This was a good lesson for me that you just never know where you might find yourself.
What inspires you?
At work all of my inspiration comes from my business partners. I handle the client relationships and communicate the client business needs. My partners are the ones who lead the development of solutions that our clients love. They make me look good. The fact that they create so much happiness and success for our clients, and that our clients express this to us, completely inspires me. It is probably what I enjoy most about my work.
What’s next for you and your company?
Over the last few years we’ve gotten really clear on who we want to be working with and where we really excel. We are focused on building applications and websites for companies that are serious about using the web for their businesses, whether it is a website or applications. They want someone on their team long-term, planning and executing to grow their business. I’m excited about continuing to find companies that fit, building relationships with them, and being able to contribute to their success.

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