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Founders : Cleveland/Northeast Ohio

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Dave Umina of Delivermefood.com

Meet Dave Umina, founder of Delivermefood.com, a food delivery service.

Questions with Dave Umina of Delivermefood.com

John Carroll University

David Allen Moss

Meet David Allen Moss, Founder of MossMedia.

Questions with David Allen Moss

Moss Media

David Stack, founder of MusicStack LLC

MusicStack is an online marketplace where record stores list their inventory of records and CDs for sale. Consumers can easily search the website for rare and hard-to-find items they have been looking for.

Questions with David Stack, founder of MusicStack LLC

MusicStack LLC

Craig Zamary of Green Energy TV

Craig Zamary is the founder of Green Energy TV, an online television channel dedicated to educating viewers about the environment by promoting green, alternative and renewable energy options. 

Questions with Craig Zamary of Green Energy TV

Green Energy TV

Christopher Clark of Sunflower Solutions

Christopher Clark is founder of Sunflower Solutions, a company that brings advanced energy to the developing world.

Questions with Christopher Clark of Sunflower Solutions

Jon Snyder of Neuros Medical

Jon Snyder is founder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical. The Willoughby firm's platform technology,  Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on eliminating chronic pain in a variety of applications.

Questions with Jon Snyder of Neuros Medical

Neuros Medical

Bob Schmidt of Orbital Research

Bob Schmidt is the founder of Orbital Research, whose core technologies are aerodynamic controls and microdevices for the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and wind turbine industries.

Questions with Bob Schmidt of Orbital Research

Bill Whittenberger of Catacel

Bill Whittenberger is founder of Catacel, which has grown since its creation in 2001 to take a leading position in both fuel cells and the use of industrial hydrogen.

Questions with Bill Whittenberger of Catacel

Catacel Corp.

Claude Kennard of Metaloy

Claude Kennard is founder of Metaloy, which is inventing processes that allow the refining industry to re-use some of its chemical by-products, saving both money and the environment.

Questions with Claude Kennard of Metaloy


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