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Founders : Higher Education

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Christopher Parham-Darabi of LogonTutor

"Working with the UC College of Law has helped me tremendously lower my legal cost."

Questions with Christopher Parham-Darabi of LogonTutor


Bruce Bolton of CourseBuffet

Bruce Bolton is founder of CourseBuffet, an online college course selection site.

Questions with Bruce Bolton of CourseBuffet


John Knific of DecisionDesk

John Knific is founder of DecisionDesk, an application manager for performing arts students.

Questions with John Knific of DecisionDesk


Case Western Reserve University

High School:
Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center

Derek Brown of Acceptd

Derek Brown is the founder of Acceptd, an online admissions tool for students and university administrators.

Questions with Derek Brown of Acceptd

Jessica Donovan of Red Brick College Consulting

Jessica Donovan is founder of Red Brick College Consulting, a firm that helps high school students navigate college admission.

Questions with Jessica Donovan of Red Brick College Consulting

Nikita Eelen of AMVONET

Nikita Eelen is founder of AMVONET, an e-learning management software suite.

Questions with Nikita Eelen of AMVONET


Mt. Union College

High School:
St. Thomas Aquinas

Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Stephen Spoonamore is co-founder of ABSMaterials, a company that provides solutions for clean and affordable water.

Questions with Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Brian Boyer of ManuscriptTracker

Brian Boyer is cofounder of ManuscriptTracker, a web based solution which assists academic journals with manuscript submission, review and editing.

Questions with Brian Boyer of ManuscriptTracker

Miami University

High School:
Wooster High School

Courtney Gras of Design Flux Technologies, LLC

Courtney Gras is a cofounder of Design Flux Technolgies, LLC, which has made the first all-in-one energy management system for batteries.

Questions with Courtney Gras of Design Flux Technologies, LLC

University of Akron

Elijah Stambaugh of the Learning Egg

Elijah Stambaugh is a teacher and founder of The Learning Egg. His first product, The Lightning Grader, creates tests and automates the grading and assessment process for teachers.

Questions with Elijah Stambaugh of the Learning Egg

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