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Founders : Columbus/Central Ohio

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Susan Testaguzza of LifeCubby

Susan Testaguzza is the founder of LifeCubby, a parenting tool for organizing and storing a child's comprehensive biography.

Questions with Susan Testaguzza of LifeCubby

Michael Minnix of Eartha Limited

Mike Minnix is starting a trend with his environmentally-friendly solution to restaurant waste. He isn't trying to be a trend setter, he's just trying to do what's right.

Questions with Michael Minnix of Eartha Limited

Eartha Limited

Philip Eggers, founder of CardiOx

Philip Eggers is the founder of CardiOx, a Dublin based startup that has developed a minimally invasive device that tests for heart defects.

Questions with Philip Eggers, founder of CardiOx


Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS

Mike Figliuolo is an entrepreneur and founder of thoughtLEADERS, a Dublin-based consulting firm of working practitioners who teach companies leadership methods as practiced by real-life, working business people.

Questions with Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS

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