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North Baltimore joins interstate rail logistics initiative with new CSX Intermodal facility

A new intermodal freight facility near Toledo already employs 200 but could result in as many as another 2,600 indirect jobs down the road.

CSX, one of the nation's leading freight logistics service providers, recently opened a new container yard in North Baltimore, Ohio. One study suggests 2,600 jobs could spring up in the area as a direct result of the new yard.

An intermodal yard is basically a high-volume loading dock, where large cranes load and unload train cars. The North Baltimore Facility will load double-stack trains to run along the interstate National Gateway rail lines. CSX began constructing the facility in the third quarter of 2009. It opened for business in February and held a public open house in late June.

The $175-million North Baltimore Intermodal yard is the latest CSX operation in Ohio. CSX operates intermodal terminals in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Marion; TRANSFLO terminals in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo, major rails yards throughout the state; and automotive distribution centers in Cleveland, Warren and Walbridge.

The Ohio Rail Development Commission cites the new development as a sign of Ohio's continued growth as a central shipping corridor in the Midwest. The North Baltimore intermodal yard will service CSX's National Gateway Project. The National Gateway Project is a double-stack train corridor initiative between CSX, the Ohio Rail Development Commission and the Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands Division, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The public-private partnership will require clearance creation on 40 bridges, tunnels and tracks, will increase shipping through the state while reducing the carbon emissions as it decreases tractor-trailer logistics.

In keeping with the eco-friendly qualities of the National Gateway Project, the North Baltimore facility is equipped for sustainable productivity. Eco-friendly features include Hans Kuenz GmbH cranes designed to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions.

High-sodium bulbs light the terminal and the yard will utilize recycled NARSTCO steel ties. CSX emphasizes the eco-friendly qualities of the North Baltimore facility as well as the overall benefits of the benefits of the National Gateway Project. Ultra-efficient cranes installed by Hans Kuenz GmbH will reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and significantly reduce emissions.

Sources: National Gateway, CSX
Writer: Kitty McConnell
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