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HOPS Technology rolls out V3 of team-based communication software

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Pamla Winther has spent nearly 16 years teaching teams of workers how to communicate effectively, efficiently and consistently through a method she developed while working in corporate communications and business development.

During that time she's held countless, personal small group seminars detailing her proprietary Hands On Proactive Strategy, or HOPS, method. It, in part, identifies a team's individual strengths in an effort to create and monitor processes that maximize group work.

The method maps out those processes for future use in Workplates, or work templates, that can be used for employee mentoring or work sharing.

Winther has built a successful Blue Ash-based consultancy on her method, which has been used internationally in industries as varied as dry cleaning, architecture, fast food and retail. It's been used by teams in sales, purchasing, human resources and other departments.

"This is about communication not falling through the cracks." Winther explained. "People flap their jaws all day long, what this does is document the key elements of each conversation," and turn them into action.

Winther took her consultancy to the high tech level with investment from Queen City Angles in 2004. That's when she launched HOPS Technology Incorporated to create software based on her method.

"The reason I started the company wasn't because I understand all the technology, it was because every CEO I worked with said we had to get it in a software product," she said.

So that's what she did, with soft rollouts of the two versions. But with a new and improved Version 3 set to debut in the next few weeks, Witham is planning a larger roll out.

The web-based software was developed locally by IntelliTree Solutions and is being hosted by 3Z.net, in Covington.

"Version three is what we are going to blast off with," she said.

Source: Pamla Winther
Writer: Feoshia Henderson

This story originally appeared in hiVelocity's sister publication, Soapbox.

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