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offenberger & white launch ed.it2 content management application

Offenberger & White (OffWhite) has launched the fifth generation of their content management application, Ed.it2.
The Marietta-based company is a marketing consulting firm dating back to 1985. Bill White, CEO and co-founder, says the product was conceived, funded and developed by Marietta College alumni working for OffWhite. “It is a 100 percent Ohio-generated solution to the global problem of cost-effective website management and integration.”
Ed.it2 is a digital media dashboard that includes a content management system developed for browser-based website management and editing. White says this latest iteration of the application permits management of digital media and websites from personal devices, such as iPhones, iPads, PCs and other computers with access to a conventional Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
“Central to the Ed.it2 is a ‘Simple Edit’ function that provides real-time editing on live pages whenever the user is logged in,” explains White. “If you see a typo, simply click the icon, make the change and save.” The changes are immediate, and mistakes can be undone just as quickly.
Looking ahead, OffWhite will be demonstrating live website applications of Ed.it2 at webinars. They’ll be hosting “lunch and learn” sessions, highlighting the products features to clients. “Ed.it2 provides easy access and a secure user interface for setting multiple access privileges, managing databases, quick content editing, content optimization to improve search engine rankings, analytics, social media and more.”

Source: Bill White
Writer: Joe Baur
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