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Advanced and Alternative Energy

The world wants advanced and alternative energy products and services. That means new opportunities for those who develop solar, wind, biomass, clean coal, nuclear, fuel cell, hydroelectric, geothermal, and energy storage products in Ohio. The state's transitioning economy has Ohio leading the way in curricula and employer incentives to shift blue collar workers to green collar jobs.

Advanced and Alternative Energy Features

Competitions, top talent, meetups and tours: fall events rock the Buckeye State

From a national cutting-edge fuel cell and energy convention to an Octoberfest-style meetup, Ohio will host an array of dazzling events this fall that will attract techies and entrepreneurs alike from across the state as well as the nation.

On the rise: Ohio's smaller cities become hotbed for tech startups

With help from incubators, venture capitalists and nonprofits, Ohio's smaller cities -- including Dayton, Youngstown and Athens -- are fast becoming centers for new ideas and innovation outside of the big 3C cities.

Q & A: Dave Karpinski, new VP of Operations at LEEDCo

As new VP of operations for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp (LEEDCo), Dave Karpinski will guide the organization through the next phase in the process of building the nation’s first freshwater offshore wind project. With its first round of financing in tow, LEEDCo must now compete for a critical second infusion of funds against six other projects across the country.

Cleveland is shaping up to be mighty green thanks to renewable energy players big and small

As part of the city's 10-year initiative Sustainable Cleveland 2019, 2013 is being called the Year of Advanced and Renewable Energy. Evidenced by measures big and small -- both civic and private -- Cleveland continues to inch toward becoming a "Green City on a Blue Lake."

Planting for the future: Pre-seed funds help Ohio startups to grow

As the founders of Ecolibrium Solar, Coupsmart and other startups can attest, pre-seed funding is helping Ohio companies find their footing when their founders don’t have the financial resources to get started on their own.
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Advanced and Alternative Energy Founders

Dan T. Moore of the Dan T. Moore Company

Dan T. Moore of the Dan T. Moore Company

City: Cleveland

Dan T. Moore is founder of the Dan T. Moore Co., parent company to 14 manufacturing companies.

Craig Zamary of Green Energy TV

Craig Zamary of Green Energy TV

City: Youngstown

Craig Zamary is the founder of Green Energy TV, an online television channel dedicated to educating viewers about the environment by promoting green, alternative and renewable energy options. 

Greg Smith of  Energy Optimizers

Greg Smith of Energy Optimizers

City: Tipp City

Greg Smith is founder of Energy Optimizers USA, a company that designs and implements energy systems utilizing renewable energy and conservation measures for their customers.

Christopher Clark of Sunflower Solutions

Christopher Clark of Sunflower Solutions

City: Cleveland

Christopher Clark is founder of Sunflower Solutions, a company that brings advanced energy to the developing world.

Bill Whittenberger of Catacel

Bill Whittenberger of Catacel

City: Garrettsville

Bill Whittenberger is founder of Catacel, which has grown since its creation in 2001 to take a leading position in both fuel cells and the use of industrial hydrogen.

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