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Health Care Features

Ohio's neurostimulation industry: on the brink of a breakout

After decades of cutting-edge research in neurostimulation therapy, Ohio's biomed industry is welcoming a variety of new companies and innovative devices. Relief for patients isn't far behind.

Health care innovations: good therapy for Ohio and beyond

From healing nectars to the amazing new world of genetic engineering, health care innovations in Ohio will nurture the most fragile patients.

Big data spawns little shoots as startups spread across Ohio

Where the heck do you store a petabyte? What can mountains of healthcare data tell us about treating illness, and how do we mine them? With startups, small businesses and new collegiate fields of study, Ohio is tapping into the world of big data in small ways with solid -- and growing -- results.

The Rise of the Rest: It's not just Silicon Valley anymore, people

Has Silicon Valley jumped the shark? Ask many keen observers of technology communities from coast to coast, and they'll tell you that 2013 is prime time for startups to bloom in unexpected cities like Denver and Cleveland.

To accommodate rapidly growing staff, Explorys moves into former museum space in Cleveland

Explorys, which offers a secure software platform that allows healthcare systems to summarize, analyze and manage data, has moved into the former home of MOCA. The Cleveland-based company currently has more than 80 employees and is expected to climb to between 110 and 125 by next year.
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Health Care Founders

Chan Q. Wang of Zuga Medical

Chan Q. Wang of Zuga Medical

City: Cleveland

"The hardest hurdle was putting a management team together."

Stephen Fening of Apto Orthopaedics

Stephen Fening of Apto Orthopaedics

City: Akron

"There's a freedom in having the capability of making something succeed yourself."

Michael Morgan of Updox

Michael Morgan of Updox

City: Columbus

"We're changing the way doctors and patients communicate."

Heena Khakhdia of BioGreenChoice

Heena Khakhdia of BioGreenChoice

City: Dayton

Heena Khakhdia is founder of BioGreenChoice, which produces compostable and biodegradable products.

Teddy Rader of Maternity Protection

Teddy Rader of Maternity Protection

City: Toledo

Teddy Rader is founder of Maternity Protection, a consulting firm dedicated to helping protect unborn children of expectant mothers in the workplace.

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