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Tremco walks the walk with new, green headquarters

Tremco has built a successful business by providing solutions to clients looking for more efficient buildings. Now it can point to one of its own buildings as a showcase of sustainability.

The Cleveland-based company will open its newly renovated headquarters to the public on June 17 to demonstrate a myriad of green building technologies, many of which come from its own product lines or those of sister companies.

"We've been in our headquarters building for 20 some years," explains Randy Korach, president of the RPM Building Solutions Group -- Tremco's parent company. "The building was built for single tenant in 1969 or 1970, and like many buildings of that era, it was built with a different level of technology, and many of the components were beyond their useful life. Though we were providing these products and service solutions for our clients, we weren't eating the dog food, so to speak."

Last October, Tremco began a $5-million renovation to incorporate more energy efficient roofing, fašade, windows and building controls, Korach says. Today, the building is a model of sustainability and is working toward LEED Gold certification.

"There are lots of extraordinary features and components," Korach says. "A truly high- performance and integrated fašade, new modern building controls, and fantastic sustainable and green elements, including four different roofing systems."

One of those roofing systems is a vegetative roof with 14,000 plantings and several climate zones. While not part of the building, the company also installed a 1.8 kilowatt-rated wind turbine and solar arrays on its parking canopy. For employees who decide to buy electric cars, Tremco has supplied three charging stations.

"We're going to consume about 84 percent less gas and realize a 43 percent electricity reduction. The renewables will lead significantly to that. As far as total electricity consumption we expect maybe about 12 percent can be provided by our solar and wind energy that's being co-generated here on site."

Those who attend the company's open house -- and visitors or employees any time -- will be able to learn more about the green components of the renovated building.

"We've made it a learning environment, so we've got interpretive slides throughout the property so our neighbors and employees can very quickly and easily see what features are incorporated and what they're doing and much interactive information," Korach explains.

Source: Randy Korach, Tremco
Writer: Gene Monteith
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