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1909 Arlingate Lane
Columbus, 43228
Nexergy was founded as Tauber Electronics in 1974 when the custom designed battery pack industry was in its infancy. Since then, electronics capabilities have quickly and constantly advanced, and so has Nexergy. Its current incarnation was formed in 2000 when three major regional companies combined (Tauber, DC Battery Products, and Promark Electronics), forming one of the largest custom batter pack suppliers in the U.S. The company is working on some of the technological challenges of building lithium ion battery packs -- a battery that produces more energy per weight and size than anything else on the market. Nexergy builds battery packs for high-value portable electronics like medical instruments and tools and safety and security equipment. Nexergy is developing the technology with GrafTech, Mobius Power, and the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State University. The companies received $965,000 in Ohio Third Frontier funds for the work. Nexergy employs 165 in Ohio and added nearly 20 jobs between 2009 and early 2010.

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