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Q&A: MAGNET's Daniel Berry on the changing environment for manufacturers

For nearly 30 years, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, or MAGNET, has served as the state's Edison Center charged with providing resources and advocacy for manufacturers in the northeast Ohio region. It's also the designated Edison Center for the state's automotive industry. hiVelocity spoke with Daniel E. Berry, MAGNET's president and CEO, about how manufacturing is faring these days.

Some of the greenest companies in Ohio tell how they did it -- and why

Green has always been a popular color in the business world. It's the color of money, after all. But green has new meaning to Ohio's corporate community. It means saving the earth, and what's good for the planet can be good for the bottom line as well.

Small distilleries reviving grand tradition of Ohio spirits industry

There was a time when Ohio overflowed with distilleries that made whisky, which wended its way down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. Over time, every last one of those distilleries dried up. Now, small-scale distilleries are reviving the grand tradition.

Q&A: Digital guru Marc Canter says he's in Ohio to create jobs

Cleveland: The next digital city? Marc Canter sure thinks so. The guy who introduced the world to multimedia -- and created tens of thousands of jobs along the way -- now has a Cleveland area code.

Q&A: Doug Craver takes a breather to talk about Cleveland's tech environment

Doug Craver never stops moving. The 47-year-old northeast Ohio native is a serial entrepreneur who's had his hand in a half-dozen tech companies since he was 25 -- including CMI, Knotice and Realeflow. He's curently president and CEO of LaunchTribe -- but prefers the title of "startup craftsman."

Ohio moves toward fast lane in electric, hybrid car development

Paul Havasi of Cleveland gets a lot of stares from fellow drivers on his way to work. His three-wheeled electric NmG is a rare sight. But laugh all you want; his choice of transport is the way of the future, according to the many businesses and researchers in Ohio developing technology and products for hybrid and electric cars.

Video: You call THAT music?

A team of mechanical engineering students at Case Western Reserve University earlier this summer demonstrated their giant tesla coil -- an apparatus that produces extremely high-voltage, long-sparking displays. This one, they claim, not only produces long arcs of electricity, but can play songs. hiVelocity isn't sure about its future in concert halls, but we have to admit one thing: It has style.

Shaking off the rust: How Ohio’s manufacturing base is on the rise

Think manufacturing is dead in Ohio? Think again. Nearly 20,000 manufacturing jobs have been added across the state during the last year, according to a report recently released by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. Companies are posting profits again in their quarterly reports. And all signs say the manufacturing uptick is likely to continue.

NSBE nurtures pipeline, retention, of Ohio engineers

Of the 10,000 or so African American students who enroll in U.S. engineering programs each year, fewer than 3,500 graduate with engineering degrees. The National Society of Black Engineers wants to change that, and one of its targets is Ohio.

Video: Pint Size Garden -- How Great Lakes Brewing is helping to teach sustainability

In a shining example of green initiatives in Cleveland, Great Lakes Brewing Company has operated the organic Pint Size Farm at Hale Farm and Village for the past three years. A fallow, historic orchard field, the farm has been transformed into an edible, culinary landscape using centuries-old gardening techniques combined with modern organic culture. Positively Cleveland takes us behind the scenes.

Q&A: NASA's Ray Lugo on Ohio's role in shifting space program

Ray Lugo has been around America's space program since he was a kid. Now, as director of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, he could be at the epicenter of changes within the space agency as President Obama has proposed a redirection of NASA priorities. That shift in focus could propel the Glenn Center to the top of the agency's research centers, leading the development of new technologies that will be the foundation of future space flight, and feeding millions of science and technology dollars into Ohio's economy.

Carpe Ventum (Seize the Wind)

There are far windier places in the United State than Ohio, but there may be few better to site a wind farm. Readers, take notice: The wind industry is alive and growing in Ohio.

Food movement is for real as Ohioans, producers, go local

Thousands of Ohioans are flocking to the farm, the farmers market and to restaurants to support locally grown produce. It's a bona fide movement, taking place all over the state — where a local farmer is just around the corner.

Globetrotters take note: Cutting international deals is never business as usual

You've got the passport. You've got the pocket dictionary. All you have to do is launch your trusty PowerPoint and wait for those Big Deals Abroad to become reality. Right? Slow down, globetrotter, and take this advice from Anne Cappel: "You can't simply go there and do business as usual."

Ohio's growing film industry shows Hollywood glitter isn't all that counts

Hollywood may still have the name recognition for moviemaking, but some unlikely locations far from the glitter of the iconic California town are becoming the top choices for film producers to create their craft, and leaders in Ohio are positioning our state to tap into this latest evolution in the film industry.
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