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Ohio's supercomputer: 154 trillion calculations per second

A massive computer cluster housed in the Ohio Supercomputer Center operates at staggering speeds--and businesses large and small around the state are using the digital giant to break through technological barriers.

Teradata represents new face of growth in Dayton region

Dayton's Teradata, a spin-off of NCR that stayed behind when NCR left for Atlanta two years ago, represents the new face of job growth in the region -- educated and high tech. As Teradata continues to lead in its marketplace, Dayton hopes to reap the benefits as more high tech companies notice and want to get in the game.

Where are they now? hiVelocity catches up with three promising companies

In the last year and a half, hiVelocity has showcased hundreds of smart, innovative entrepreneurs. In this issue, we're following up with three of them to see how business is going these days.
3 Articles | Page:
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