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Tiny fluid samples get big results in U of C tech lab

University of Cincinnati puts $3 million grant to use developing less expensive, more precise medical diagnostic tools and in the long term opens up new opportunities and jobs for product development and manufacturing.

Q&A: University of Cincinnati's Dorothy Air on academia's role in business

For 10 years, Dorothy Air has been on the front lines of university innovation. She knows firsthand the role universities can play in advancing research, development and technology. Air -- associate VP for entrepreneurial affairs in the Office of Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization at the University of Cincinnati -- talks to hiVelocity about her work and the dynamic relationship between Ohio universities and the wider economic community.

Ohio's work-life climate is big draw for those tired of the rat race

Is it possible to be successful in business and have a meaningful personal life at the same time? It is if you live in Ohio. Our state gets rave reviews from business veterans who said goodbye to long commutes and crowded spaces and never looked back, finding the balance they were seeking in the smaller cities and livable suburbs of Ohio.

Q&A: Elizabeth Edwards on Cincy's entrepreneurial ecosystem

Elizabeth Edwards is a former venture investor who believes there is no lack of innovation or entrepreneurial spirit in the greater Cincinnati region. What's needed, she says, are more ways to connect great ideas with resources. That's why Edwards left Neyer Holdings to form her own company, Metro Innovation -- and why she initiated programs like InOneWeekend three years ago and the Cincinnati Innovates contest, now it its second year. hiVelocity spoke to Edwards about Cincinnati's entrepreneurial climate.

Business plan competitions give flight to fledgling ideas

There are good ideas and then there are good ideas with a plan. The former often die on the vine, having nowhere to go. The latter create companies. More and more Ohio entrepreneurs with good ideas are now developing their business acumen through university business plan competitions. They are turning heads. And creating the kinds of enterprises that lead to jobs.

GE Aviation project highlights company-community partnership

Decades after Orville Wright helped dedicate a facility that grew to become GE Aviation's headquarters in Evendale, the complex is poised for a transformation that will bring its work environment in line with the today's globally competitive landscape.

Ohio's young entrepreneurs prove age no barrier

These days, some of the biggest ideas are coming from the youngest of minds. College students and recent graduates across Ohio are combining bold ideas with bold action, fueling the state's transformation one job at a time. hiVelocity caught up with a few of the young entrepreneurs who are making a mark on Ohio.

Ohio's creative design reputation finally catching up with its legacy

For years, Ohio has been a quiet powerhouse in the worlds of industrial design, architecture, communications design and brand marketing. Problem was, few people outside the state noticed. No more. The Buckeye state's reputation, particularly along the I-71 corridor from Cleveland to Cincinnati, is charging to the forefront.

Video: Robots to the rescue!

You read about this robot in our Oct. 8 issue. Now take a look for yourself at the little robot that could -- a daring, danger-loving machine whose development grew from applied research at the University of Cincinnati.
9 Articles | Page:
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