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2011 Year in Review

When I first got the call that I was going to be the new managing editor for hiVelocity magazine, I paused for a moment to think about what I was about to undertake. I was about to take the reigns of a publication that looks at all the good things Ohio is doing to revitalize its business base and communities, to take a fresh look at the many different environmental things government and business leaders are doing to make Ohio greener, and talk about how new technology is impacting our lives for the better.

What an exciting challenge, I thought, to be leading a group of writers who will talk about the future in a way that is empowering for people across our state. The last two months have been a great ride. And I'm looking forward to the next 12 as 2012 gets ready to unveil itself this Saturday. 

In honor of the New Year, it's only fitting to review the past year and look at the stories that made headlines in hiVelocity, across the state, and in some cases, across the nation. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane as much I enjoyed reviewing it. Happy New Year. Let's make 2012 a great year for Ohio.

Man Cans
How this kid came up with a killer idea for a man's candle is both clever and amusing. Read about how he grabbed national headlines for his smelly idea: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/ManCans6_30_11.aspx

Shop Green, Shop Local
This was one of my favorite stories this year. Columbus business owners are known for shopping local for their products, particularly in the restaurant business, where venues like Jeni's Ice Cream only buy from Ohio farmers and businesses to make their splendid product. This Christnmas, we encouraged to buy local as well, with a gift list that keeps the dollars in Ohio:  http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/GiftGuide_1201.aspx

Country Crooner
Just how did a country crooner make waves with his streaming country radio station? Read about it here: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/countrystartup10_20_11.aspx

Really? Pond Scum?
Who knew that pond scum could be so awesome? We did. Check out why you love pond scum and didn't even know it: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/PromisingPondScum_1117.aspx

You know Jack
And so does he. Check out how this Midwestern put up high end fashion for men all from the Midwest: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/JRoss9_8_11.aspx

Ohio backs up talk with action
The state's sustainability bill puts bio-firms on the map: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspx

Food trucks rule
2011 put more food trucks on the streets of Ohio than ever before--and not just hot dogs either... : http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/FoodTruck.aspx

Because we're awesome, that's how
Question: How does Ohio keep getting more companies and people? http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/worklife2_10_11.aspx

When childhood dreams make you big bucks
How three Ohioans turned child's play into cash: http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Childsplay8_25_11.aspx

Have a great New Year!

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