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Ben Lachmann of Athensworks

"We have movement artists, videographers, web developers and programmers involved at the workspace."

Questions with Ben Lachmann of Athensworks

Ryan Anderson of Anderson|Biro

"There are a lot of gut-check moments when you have no choice but to succeed."

Questions with Ryan Anderson of Anderson|Biro


James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

James Gasparatos is founder of  Gigfinity, a social commerce site for small businesses.

Questions with James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

Austin Allison of dotloop

Austin Allison is founder of dotloop, a software company that helps close real estate transactions.

Questions with Austin Allison of dotloop

Lissette Rivera of SafeCare

Lissette Rivera is founder of SafeCare, a monitoring agency for the health care industry.

Questions with Lissette Rivera of SafeCare


Eric Corti of Air Cork

Eric Corti is founder of Air Cork, a a simple, airtight seal that preserves the freshness of wine.

Questions with Eric Corti of Air Cork

Phyllis Smith of LSP Ware

Phyllis Smith is founder of LSP Ware, a software system for providers of language services.

Questions with Phyllis Smith of LSP Ware

Jocelyn Cates of VenueAgent

Jocelyn Cates is founder of VenueAgent, an online event selection and booking platform.

Questions with Jocelyn Cates of VenueAgent

Michael Wohlschlaeger of StyleZen

Michael Wohlschlaeger is founder of StyleZen, an online platform that allows users to create a personal fashion profile.

Questions with Michael Wohlschlaeger of StyleZen

Chris Ostoich, founder of Blackbook EMG

Chris Ostoich, of Cincinnati, is founder and CEO of Blackbook EMG, which offers customized solutions to embed and connect newly hired employees to their company, community and jobs.

Questions with Chris Ostoich, founder of Blackbook EMG

Blackbook EMG

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