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Annie Pryor of Mommy Genius

Annie Pryor is founder of Mommy Genius, which sells Made in the USA convenience products for the home.

Questions with Annie Pryor of Mommy Genius

Mommy Genius

Tina Donovan of Discovery Tales

Tina Donava is founder of Discovery Tales, an interactive bibliotherapy-based curriculum for children.

Questions with Tina Donovan of Discovery Tales

Discovery Tales

John Knific of DecisionDesk

John Knific is founder of DecisionDesk, an application manager for performing arts students.

Questions with John Knific of DecisionDesk


Case Western Reserve University

High School:
Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center

Zac McKenzie of Grablet

Zac McKenzie is founder of Grablet, a functional tool for tablets in the working environment.

Questions with Zac McKenzie of Grablet

James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

James Gasparatos is founder of  Gigfinity, a social commerce site for small businesses.

Questions with James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

Steve Wolf of Applied Decision Science

Steve Wolf is co-founder of Applied Decision Science, which helps improve the science of making decisions under stress.

Questions with Steve Wolf of Applied Decision Science

Beth Sanders of LifeBio

"My own grandmother’s life story was the inspiration for starting LifeBio."

Questions with Beth Sanders of LifeBio


Cat Amaro of The Bird Haus

Cat Amaro is founder of The Bird Haus, a migratory classroom with classes on pretty much everything.

Questions with Cat Amaro of The Bird Haus

Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance

Laura Bennett is co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance, an ecommerce website that offers nose-to-tail coverage.

Questions with Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance

Mollie Verdier of TheraPals

"You can have anything made right here in Dayton, Ohio."

Questions with Mollie Verdier of TheraPals


Sinclair Community College

High School:
Fairlawn High School

Blake Squires of Movable

Blake Squires is founder of Movable, a wrist-worn monitor used to help improve the health and performance of people. 

Questions with Blake Squires of Movable

Ry Walker of Differential

Ry Walker is cofounder of Differential, a venture to help other startups.

Questions with Ry Walker of Differential

Adam Goldberg of OffersBy.Me

Adam Goldberg is founder of OffersBy.Me, a mobile app sending customers offers on items they want.

Questions with Adam Goldberg of OffersBy.Me


Derek Brown of Acceptd

Derek Brown is the founder of Acceptd, an online admissions tool for students and university administrators.

Questions with Derek Brown of Acceptd

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