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Founders : Sustainability

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Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Stephen Spoonamore is co-founder of ABSMaterials, a company that provides solutions for clean and affordable water.

Questions with Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Travor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market

Trevor Clatterbuck is founder of Fresh Fork Market, a provider of farm-fresh foods.

Questions with Travor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market

Lisa Dunn of Revive

Lisa Dunn is owner of Revive, a fair-trade retailer in Cleveland Heights and Lyndhurst.

Questions with Lisa Dunn of Revive

christopher clark, sunflower solutions

Christopher Clark is founder of Sunflower Solutions, a company that brings advanced energy to the developing world.

Questions with christopher clark, sunflower solutions

Claude Kenard of Metaloy

Meet Claude Kenard, founder of Metaloy.

Questions with Claude Kenard of Metaloy

Claude Kennard of Metaloy

Claude Kennard is founder of Metaloy, which is inventing processes that allow the refining industry to re-use some of its chemical by-products, saving both money and the environment.

Questions with Claude Kennard of Metaloy


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