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Matthew Russo and Bryce Thornton of ChatterJet

Matthew Russo and Bryce Thornton are founders of ChatterJet, a daily social media email service for small businesses.

Questions with Matthew Russo and Bryce Thornton of ChatterJet

Jeffrey Wilkins of Compuserve, Inc.

Jeffrey Wilkins is founder of CompuServe Inc., the first major commercial online service in the United States.

Questions with Jeffrey Wilkins of Compuserve, Inc.

Jason Haines of boostchatter

Jason Haines is cofounder of boostchatter, a social media rewards program for small businesses and nonprofits.

Questions with Jason Haines of boostchatter

Andrea So-Trgovcich of Wellness Integrated Network

Andrea So-Trgovcich is founder of Wellness Integrated Network, a website platform that helps users manage diet and nutrition.

Questions with Andrea So-Trgovcich of Wellness Integrated Network

Steve Weber of nChannel

Steve Weber is founder of nChannel, a cloud-based system that links retailers' sales channels.

Questions with Steve Weber of nChannel

Tony Alexander of SimpleRegistry

Tony Alexander is founder of SimpleRegistry, a new kind of online gift registry.

Questions with Tony Alexander of SimpleRegistry

Richard Wagner of Prevedere

Richard Wagner is founder of Prevedere Inc., which develops industry and location-specific economic forecasting software.

Questions with Richard Wagner of Prevedere

Brian Boyer of ManuscriptTracker

Brian Boyer is cofounder of ManuscriptTracker, a web based solution which assists academic journals with manuscript submission, review and editing.

Questions with Brian Boyer of ManuscriptTracker

Miami University

High School:
Wooster High School

James Dickerson of Leap

James Dickerson is founder of Leap, the first mobile app for social group challenges.

Questions with James Dickerson of Leap

Damon Ragusa of ThinkVine

Damon Ragusa is founder of ThinkVine, a Cincinnati-based marketing optimization company.

Questions with Damon Ragusa of ThinkVine

Brian Deagan of Knotice

Brian Deagan is cofounder of Knotice, whose software allows marketers to reduce their costs while providing relevant marketing messages and digital experiences to consumers.

Questions with Brian Deagan of Knotice

Elijah Stambaugh of the Learning Egg

Elijah Stambaugh is a teacher and founder of The Learning Egg. His first product, The Lightning Grader, creates tests and automates the grading and assessment process for teachers.

Questions with Elijah Stambaugh of the Learning Egg

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