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Founders : Technology

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Pamela Springer of Manta

Pamela Springer is founder of Manta, an online community for promoting and connecting small business.

Questions with Pamela Springer of Manta

Philip Eggers of Cardiox Corporation

Philip Eggers is founder of Cardiox, a company that has developed a non-invasive procedure for detecting cardiac shunts.

Questions with Philip Eggers of Cardiox Corporation

Julia Briggs of Blue Star Design

Julia Briggs is founder of Blue Star Design, an idea design studio for growing businesses.

Questions with Julia Briggs of Blue Star Design

Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Stephen Spoonamore is co-founder of ABSMaterials, a company that provides solutions for clean and affordable water.

Questions with Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Peter Greco of LyoGo

Peter Greco is co-founder of LyoGo, a developer of drug storage and delivery systems.

Questions with Peter Greco of LyoGo

Mike Belsito of eFuneral

Meet Mike Belsito is founder of eFuneral, an online platform that allows families to quickly find, compare and select a funeral provider.

Questions with Mike Belsito of eFuneral

Michael Wohlschlaeger of StyleZen

Michael Wohlschlaeger is founder of StyleZen, an online platform that allows users to create a personal fashion profile.

Questions with Michael Wohlschlaeger of StyleZen

Richard Wagner of Prevedere

Richard Wagner is founder of Prevedere Inc., which develops industry and location-specific economic forecasting software.

Questions with Richard Wagner of Prevedere

Michael Goldberg of Bridge Investment Fund

Michael Goldberg is cofounder of Bridge Investment Fund, a venture capital fund focused on investing in Israeli medical device companies.

Questions with Michael Goldberg of Bridge Investment Fund

Princeton University

High School:
University School

Tim Bankes of Libertas Technologies

Tim Bankes is cofounder of Libertas Technologies, a software, website and mobile solutions provider.

Questions with Tim Bankes of Libertas Technologies

University of Cincinnati

High School:
Anderson High School

Andi Sie of eEvent

Andi Sie is cofounder of eEvent, an online event marketing startup.

Questions with Andi Sie of eEvent

The Ohio State University

Jeff DiGiovanni of Sanuthera

Dr. Jeff DiGiovanni is cofounder and CEO of Sanuthera, which is developing a breakthrough device for patients suffering from tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Questions with Jeff DiGiovanni of Sanuthera

Brian Deagan of Knotice

Brian Deagan is cofounder of Knotice, whose software allows marketers to reduce their costs while providing relevant marketing messages and digital experiences to consumers.

Questions with Brian Deagan of Knotice

Dave Berchowitz of Global Cooling

Dave Berchowitz is founder of Global Cooling, a company that provides high performance cooling products to the scientific, medical and electronics fields.

Questions with Dave Berchowitz of Global Cooling

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