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Steve Wolf of Applied Decision Science

Steve Wolf is co-founder of Applied Decision Science, which helps improve the science of making decisions under stress.

Questions with Steve Wolf of Applied Decision Science

James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

James Gasparatos is founder of  Gigfinity, a social commerce site for small businesses.

Questions with James Gasparatos of Gigfinity

Christina Getachew of Substance

Christina Getachew is founder of Substance, a sustainable women's fashion boutique.

Questions with Christina Getachew of Substance

Jeremy Flack of Flack Steel

Jeremy Flack is founder of Flack Steel, a steel service center in downtown Cleveland.

Questions with Jeremy Flack of Flack Steel

Michael Wohlschlaeger of Pingage

Michael Wohlschlaeger is founder of Pingage, a Pinterest marketing optimization platform.

Questions with Michael Wohlschlaeger of Pingage


Truman State University

Beth Sanders of LifeBio

"My own grandmother’s life story was the inspiration for starting LifeBio."

Questions with Beth Sanders of LifeBio


Cat Amaro of The Bird Haus

Cat Amaro is founder of The Bird Haus, a migratory classroom with classes on pretty much everything.

Questions with Cat Amaro of The Bird Haus

Monya Wyatt of NavTracs

"We offer financial counseling so parents and students alike can prepare themselves for college expenses."

Questions with Monya Wyatt of NavTracs


Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance

Laura Bennett is co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance, an ecommerce website that offers nose-to-tail coverage.

Questions with Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance

Dennis Schroder of arakÿta

Dennis Schroder is founder of arakÿta, an IT solutions provider and business consultation service.

Questions with Dennis Schroder of arakÿta


University of Toledo

High School:
Walsh Jesuit High School

Mollie Verdier of TheraPals

"You can have anything made right here in Dayton, Ohio."

Questions with Mollie Verdier of TheraPals


Sinclair Community College

High School:
Fairlawn High School

Jim Hickey of Arras Keathley

Jim Hickey is founder of Arras Keathley, a strategic brand development and marketing communications firm.

Questions with Jim Hickey of Arras Keathley

Molly Berrens of Spotted Yeti Media

Molly Berrens is founder of Spotted Yeti Media, a video production company.

Questions with Molly Berrens of Spotted Yeti Media

Shaul Weisband of Jifiti

Shaul Weisband is founder of Jifiti, a gifting platform for shoppers.

Questions with Shaul Weisband of Jifiti

Blake Squires of Movable

Blake Squires is founder of Movable, a wrist-worn monitor used to help improve the health and performance of people. 

Questions with Blake Squires of Movable

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