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ohio state university receives $3 million for imaging technology platform

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In the same week Kent State University was awarded $3 million for their nanoscale engineering project, Ohio State also received $3 million in the first Ohio Third Frontier Innovation Platform program.

The university’s “Next Generation Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Technology Platform” project aims to advance, develop and validate new imaging modality [a technique used to create images of the human body] into a sustainable and effective medical imaging device that can be cost-effective.

"The goal is to make this an effective, safe and globally viable imaging technology that will benefit patients in the early discovery and characterization of diseases," explains Dr. Michael Knopp, Director of Ohio Imaging Research and Innovation Network. He adds that the group also wants to "catalyze collaboration in technology commercialization, innovation and product development between Ohio’s colleges and universities and Ohio-based industry.”
In collaboration with Philips Healthcare and Cardinal Health, Knopp and his team will take the fundamental technology they’ve already developed and bring it to its “full global market potential” by refining it.
“The benefit to Ohio will predominantly be in creating an additional commercial product line that is manufactured, developed and serviced in Ohio, by Ohio companies,” he says. “This will also create opportunities for scientific discoveries, improved health care and Ohioans' access to state-of-the-art capabilities."
Source: Dr. Michael Knopp
Writer: Joe Baur
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