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Advanced and Alternative Energy : Featured Stories

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Video: Ohio University Ecohouse illustrates real-life potential of Ohio's clean economy

Solar power, biomass, clean technology -- all are important parts of Ohio's "clean economy." But what would they look like all under one roof? Catch a glimpse of the future in this tour of Ohio University's Ecohouse, a model for sustainable living that serves as a student residence and learning center.

Video: Solar industry shapes Toledo, Ohio economy

Ohio's economic transition means new jobs in advanced and alternative energy. See how the solar industry is making a difference in shaping the economies of the Toledo region and the entire state of Ohio -- and how some Ohio workers are transitioning to new opportunities within this new environment. 

Q&A: Pew Trusts' Kil Huh talks about Ohio's prominence in the clean energy economy

Surprise, surprise. A national survey released by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows Ohio is suddenly a leader in the clean energy economy. What's going on? We spoke with Kil Huh of the Pew Trusts to get the straight scoop.
49 Articles | Page: | Show All
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