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5 cleveland-based mobile app developers on the move

“By 2015, more people will access the web from their smartphone than from their desktops and laptops,” says EXP president Barb Cagely. In Northeast Ohio, numerous app developers are ahead of the curve, dreaming up mobile apps that do everything from enriching your tourism experience to ensuring that workers in the field have all the resources they need.

viewing ohio cities as startups

What if we viewed Ohio cities as startups? "The ingredients for a successful startup and a successful city are remarkably similar," argues tech blogger Jon Bischke. You need to build stuff that people want. You need to attract talent. And you need capital to get your fledgling ideas to a point of sustainability.

founders profile: victoria tifft, 2012 small business person of the year

Victoria Tifft contracted malaria three times during her stint in the Peace Corps, learning firsthand how illnesses can devastate the lives of people in Third World Countries. Once back in the U.S., she was inspired to create Clinical Research Management, a company that conducts clinical research services and now has 350 employees worldwide. Tifft was recently named U.S. Small Business Person of the Year.

brewing up a business: from homebrewer to microbrewer

Cleveland is nationally known as a brewing mecca. While established breweries like Great Lakes and Buckeye Brewing continue to expand, smaller startups are popping up in their shadows. Nourished by home-brewing clubs and finding strong models in Cleveland’s prize-winning breweries, many of these entrepreneurs started by brewing small batches in their basements or garages.

change agents: how business accelerators are revitalizing urban neighborhoods across ohio

A few years ago, Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood was considered to be endangered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Today, it is a redevelopment success story. That's partially due to startups that are not only fueling the state's economy, but also aiding the redevelopment of urban neighborhoods. ONE Fund accelerators have ignited demand for rehabilitated office space in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, bringing a new, exciting energy to their cities. 

new law opens the door to more craft distilleries

One of the most widely read Fresh Water Cleveland  features was a story on Ohio's burgeoning craft distillery trend. But it wasn't all good news: As it stood at the time of publication, only one permit was allowed in each of Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties. What's more, those few permit holders could distill but not sell their wares on-site. A new law eliminates the restrictions on the number of permits while enabling holders to sell their products directly to consumers.

inspired by ohio third frontier, national group relocates offices to lorain county community college

A not-so-quiet revolution is taking place at the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center at Lorain County Community College. The organizations and companies located here are helping to propel Ohio's innovation economy forward. Now its newest tenant, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, is launching educational programs and a national conference to build on the momentum.

manufacturing shift helps 'cleveland plus' region emerge from rough economic waters

Like most of the country, Northeast Ohio was slammed hard by the tidal wave of the most recent recession. But thanks to an increasingly diversified economic strategy -- one that saw a transition from traditional manufacturing (steel, tires) to modern forms of manufacturing (healthcare equipment, polymers) -- the region is emerging from those damaging waters stronger than it has in the past, say area advocates.

with lorktech, case students poised to enter growing flexible electronics market

How does an incorrect soda price at a retailer lead to an emerging tech company? Just ask Case student Mark Lorkowski, who came up with the idea for an electronic shelf display system while shopping for a case of Mountain Dew. With Lorktech, he hopes to drink up a portion of the $250 billion flexible electronics market.

minority biomedical entrepreneurs teach and learn at first national conference in Cleveland

New biomedical companies are a source of growth in Ohio's high tech economy, yet currently, only a fraction of them are helmed by African-American and Latino entrepreneurs. The first ever Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference aims to connect minorities in Ohio to greater opportunities while also growing the state's biomedical workforce.

progress by degrees: the northeast ohio talent dividend initiative

The Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education is leading the region's efforts to increase college attainment levels. Their efforts, called The Northeast Ohio Talent Dividend, has three primary goals: improve college readiness of high school and adult students, increase student retention through degree completion, and increase degree attainment among adults with some college experience but no degree.

from wall street to main street: will equity-based crowdfunding help to grow ohio startups?

Equity-based crowdfunding will allow everyone the opportunity to become a venture capitalist. But is this a good thing? Remember the dot-com bubble that burst in the 1990s? Yet while crowdfunding brings a certain amount of risk, even skeptics say that it has the potential to bring an important source of new capital to Ohio. The emerging phenomenon could also empower a new class of investors.

collaboration in ohio aerospace industry leads towards global leadership

Ohio's aerospace industry is one of the strongest in the country, yet its continued prominence is by no means assured. In the past few years, fierce global competition, rapid industry change and a fragmented business sector were real threats to our ongoing success. Yet now, the newly-created Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council is offering a unified voice for the industry and creating a platform for continued growth.

the new girls club: women entrepreneurs tap passion and perseverance across ohio

Even as women continue to rise in corporate leadership positions, studies show they're still underrepresented in high tech industries. Yet across Ohio, many women are now starting technology-focused companies, and this "new girls club" is playing an important role in driving our state's innovation economy. Along the route to success, they're also learning to define it on their own terms.

game on: cleveland institute of art hits 'start' on game design program

Video games no longer are child's play. A multi-billion dollar industry, video game development seduces countless wannabes, each hoping to design the next Call of Duty. Helping to train those people is Cleveland Institute of Art, which recently launched its Game Design program. Combining classes in 3D modeling, game mapping, screenwriting and sound design, this challenging program is no child's play either.
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