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Entrepreneur wants to make her American Dream come true for others

Though she's been in America for little more than 20 years, Radhika Reddy has realized the American Dream several times over. Her latest dream, a one-stop center for international cultural events and a business incubator -- for both foreign and home-grown firms -- is off to a good start.

Where are they now? hiVelocity catches up with three promising companies

In the last year and a half, hiVelocity has showcased hundreds of smart, innovative entrepreneurs. In this issue, we're following up with three of them to see how business is going these days.

Businesses buy into STEM

What began with the establishment of Columbus's Metro Early College High School in 2006 has grown into a statewide network of STEM schools that turn the traditional classroom on its head. While STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math, the schools take a broader view, instead working to impart ALL 21st century skills needed for our economy and our communities. One key element in the evolution of Ohio's STEM schools is the partnership between business and education.   

Cleveland execs aim to steer IT sector in 'RITE' direction

Comprised of Cleveland IT execs and university reps, the RITE Board seeks to boost the quality and reputation of Cleveland's information technology sector. By encouraging students to pursue careers in IT and improving IT internships, technology companies aim to capture young IT professionals before they leave town.

Q&A: LEEDCo's Lorry Wagner on the potential of Lake Erie wind

Last year, the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) announced a long-term plan to develop wind power in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie -- the first freshwater offshore wind farm in North America. The initial 20-megawatt wind farm is expected to be completed in late 2013 and followed by subsequent projects. The long-term goal: 1,000 megawatts by 2020. HiVelocity spoke with Dr. Lorry Wagner, president of LEEDCo and the driving force behind the 20-megawatt pilot project, about the future of offshore wind power in Ohio.

Small grants make huge difference in Cleveland neighborhoods, residents

The Neighborhood Connections program provides small financial gifts to community organizations focused on enhancing neighborhoods and engaging residents. Recipients must connect residents in meaningful ways through grass roots projects. Though the grants are small -- from $500 to $5,000 -- they can make a huge difference in the destiny of a neighborhood and its citizens.

Video: Case Western's wind turbine installation

A 100-kilowatt, community-scale wind turbine was erected on the Case Western Reserve University campus in November. Funded by the Ohio Third Frontier initiative, it is the first among three turbines planned for the campus. Watch it go up -- and the bravery of those who climb over the top of the turbine -- in this video.

Video: Facing Mars

The Great Lakes Science Center's new Facing Mars exhibition gives visitors a chance to embark on make-believe voyage of discovery on the red planet. Facing Mars features 28 exhibits that explore the real physical, psychological and scientific challenges involved in journeying to Mars. Brought to you by PositivelyCleveland, here's a quick video.

What's in a brand? These days, lots of social media

Building a brand is a process. It starts with having a good product and good service. Getting the word out entails advertising, marketing, promotions, special events, public relations and networking. Now, however, there's something new in the marketing toolbox -- social media.

Trash Compactor: E4S's zero waste initiative is far from zero-sum proposition

In a true zero-waste system there is no garbage, there are no landfills. Entrepreneurs for Sustainability's Zero Waste Network is urging Cleveland organizations to track and reduce their waste stream. Those that do are discovering that the benefits extend well beyond a slimmer carbon footprint, including economic windfalls, community engagement and marketplace recognition.

Video: Apollo's move into the Great Lakes Science Center

Last summer, the Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module moved into the NASA Glenn Visitor Center at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland. How do you transport and install something like that? Here's how it's done. 

Ohio's aerospace industry evolves into quiet giant

The Wright Brothers may have gotten things started, but over the last century thousands of players have quietly built an aerospace and aviation economy that may surprise you in its reach.

The metro brand: how three cities are touting their strengths

It's not enough that cities have to compete with the rest of the world to attract business and jobs, they often face fierce competition from cities within a few hours' drive. Here's a look at how several of Ohio's metropolitan areas view their intrastate rivalries and market themselves.

Launch100: A year later

While personal ingenuity and hard work may be credited for much of Simply Southern Sides' rapid growth, Claude Booker credits a new initiative spearheaded by JumpStart for helping beef up his operations with sound advice and resources.

By preparing children and adults for the future, Newbridge isn't waiting for Superman

Rather than wait on Superman, NewBridge is preparing unemployed adults and at-risk youth for a bright future. Modeled after Pittsburgh's Manchester Bidwell Training Center, Cleveland's new alternative center for arts and technology is helping people on the margin.
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