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Q&A: Nancy Bridgman talks about the NET Incubator's role in the Dayton region

The National Environmental Technology Incubator in Springfield may not be Ohio's biggest incubator, but its affiliation with Central State University makes it a key partner within the Dayton region's academic-business scene. No longer focused just on environmentally oriented companies, the NET incubator has plans to grow. Executive Director Nancy Bridgman brings us up to date in this interview.

Q&A: David Beck helps us sift through CIFT

Since 1995, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has helped companies involved in some of Ohio's largest and most economically significant industries: food production, processing, packaging. But the center's work reaches all across Ohio's agribusiness universe and it seems no part is left untouched, from research, to local food initiatives to advanced energy. David Beck, CIFT's president and CEO, spoke to us about some of the work CIFT is doing.

Community colleges power transition to new economy jobs

Josh LaBonte can make a claim few graduating college students can these days: When he walks through Lorain County Community College's commencement later this month, he has two jobs waiting.

Video: The ins and outs of one wind tower installation

In late October, Owens Community College in northwestern Ohio installed its second wind turbine. Take a look as workers put the finishing touches on this gigantic structure.

For these serial entrepreneurs, it's lather, rinse, repeat

The risk of starting a new business is great, the rewards uncertain. But some people enjoy the process. These "serial entrepreneurs" do it over and over again. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Ohio Aerospace Institute: connecting the dots since 1989

It doesn't always make the news. It's seldom in the limelight. But working behind the scenes, the Ohio Aerospace Institute is a facilitator -- a bridge builder -- the caulking in the cracks.

Appalachian Ohio moving fast toward high-tech future

Geoff Greenfield is an example of the type of entrepreneur who is becoming the modern face of the economy in Appalachian Ohio. As founder and president of Third Sun Solar and Wind Power in Athens, Greenfield is part of a thriving alternative energy industry that is making its home in Athens County.

Q&A: OU Innovation Center chief talks about why region is a great place to live and work

Since its formation in 1983, Ohio University's Innovation Center has nurtured more than 80 companies, creating more than 1,000 jobs. The university itself has helped develop nine spinoff companies from university-invented technology. And faculty and staff are responsible for the startup of another 27 companies. Today, the OU Innovation Center -- the state's first university-small business incubator -- is home to 13 startups with big plans for the future. hiVelocity recently caught up with Center Director Jennifer Simon to find out what gives southeastern Ohio its entrepreneurial chemistry.

New technologies, Twitter, reshape how farmers work and connect

While the image of farmer Brown milking a cow from a stool may linger in the imagination, old Bessie today is more likely to make her way through a sophisticated milking parlor wearing an electronic collar -- not a bell. And while the image of farmer Brown may be one of a humble man in overalls, his world today is one of college degrees, self-steering combines, and use of Twitter and Facebook as a way to connect with other farmers and a hungry population.

Q&A: Where are all the "green" jobs? Economist Ned Hill sheds some light

Green jobs. Everybody is for them, it seems. But try to define a green job, and the term becomes elusive. To get a better handle on what green jobs are and where they might have the most impact on Ohio's economy, hiVelocity spoke to leading economist Edward W. (Ned) Hill, Distinguished Scholar of Economic Development and dean of Cleveland State University's Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Q&A: Pat Valente talks about Ohio's fuel cell environment

Ohio has become a top destination for the fuel cell industry. Both large and small manufacturers -- many in traditional "old" economy industries -- are getting ready for a future that depends less on fossil fuels and more on advanced and alternative energy technologies. hiVelocity caught up with Pat Valente, executive director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, to ask about the state of the fuel cell industry in Ohio.

Video: Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's the NmG

It may look different, because -- well -- it IS different. This all-electric vehicle produced by Tallmadge, Ohio -based Myers Motors is a three-wheeler with an electric drive powered by an advanced lithium battery.

OSU and its partners pioneer hybrid power conversion with 900 jobs in mind

There's a high-stakes race on in the electric vehicle arena, and an Ohio State University-based collaborative plans to lead the way -- at least in the commercial vehicle market.

This lion eats rice hulls for breakfast -- or anytime, for that matter

One man's waste is another man's synthetic natural gas. And a dismal economy for one company is another's opportunity.

Built on glass, northwest Ohio's Solar industry creates 5,000 new jobs

A number of Toledo-area alternative energy companies are turning sunlight into usable energy and, in turn, a gloomy economy into a brighter future. Sound like a cheesy government pamphlet? Not so fast.
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