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Reshoring helps drive rise in Ohio manufacturing

After ten straight years of decline, Ohio manufacturing employment increased for the second straight year in 2012. Part of the reason is the emerging trend to bring production back to the U.S. from overseas facilities.

Waterfall swing from Cleveland-area innovators turns heads across the globe

Created by engineers and artists from Cleveland, the waterfall swing has now been featured in tech festivals from New York to California and become an overnight Youtube sensation.

Roll (tax) credits: A second look at Ohio's film tax credits

Back in 2011, our sister publication Fresh Water Cleveland ran a feature about Ohio's newly instituted Film Production Tax Credit, which helped attract big-budget productions like "The Avengers" and "Alex Cross," plus smaller films like "Take Shelter" and "Fun Size." Fresh Water decided to revisit the topic to see how it's working out for Cleveland, and Ohio.

Standing out in a crowd: Ohio crowdfunding leaders help startups find success

With over 530 platforms to choose from, entrepreneurs often need help navigating through the world of crowdfunding for their projects. Fortunately, Ohio's crowdfunding leaders are creating tools to help startups find their way.

Kickstarter deadlines can lead to frustration, fallout for inventors

With 84 percent of Kickstarter's top projects shipped late, is this crowdfunding tool really all it's cracked up to be? Successful designer Chris Hawker examines whether Kickstarter is right for inventors and finds that the product development process often doesn't line up with crowdfunding deadlines. Inventors should go into the process with eyes wide open to get the best results.

Anchor districts emerge as powerful players in bid to remake cities into vibrant, livable places

“Cities are back, downtowns are back, and the places that we call anchor districts are leveraging growth in cities,” says Chris Ronayne of UCI. In Cleveland and beyond, stakeholders like universities, hospitals and museums ('eds and meds') are leading the way in reshaping cities into vibrant, livable places.

From circuit boards to flamethrowers: Your guide to Ohio's coolest hackerspaces

Two new hackerspaces have just joined a host of shops across the state. hiVelocity took a peek inside these quirky garage shops and found everything we didn't expect, from kettles of brewing beer to pinball machines. But nothing was more inviting than the hackers themselves.

Cleveland is shaping up to be mighty green thanks to renewable energy players big and small

As part of the city's 10-year initiative Sustainable Cleveland 2019, 2013 is being called the Year of Advanced and Renewable Energy. Evidenced by measures big and small -- both civic and private -- Cleveland continues to inch toward becoming a "Green City on a Blue Lake."

Cincinnati's newest dream team: The faces of Cintrifuse

The Cintrifuse venture capital team is already working on supporting the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now, it's time to see how The Rainmaker, The Money Man, The Go Getter, The Teacher, The Connector, The Youngster and The Magician Behind the Curtain plan to get down to business.

Century-old Cleveland Agora complex enjoying encore as startup-friendly office space

Throughout its colorful history, the Agora complex in MidTown has been home to a vaudeville theatre, burlesque house, and one of the nation's premiere concert venues. Now, thanks to an evolving landscape outside its door, it's being redeveloped into start-up friendly office space.

SpringBoard grads infuse Cincy with creative startup energy

Laura Chenault transformed an abandoned garage into a space for filming music videos and indie documentaries and hosting cooking classes and dance parties. Springboard, a nine-week course that teaches artists to run businesses, helped turn her dream into a reality.

Ohio farmers turn to supply chain innovation to boost consumption of locally-grown Ohio food

Less than five percent of food Ohioans consume is estimated to come from local farms. The reason is inefficient supply chains for local foods. Yet Ohioans are increasingly embracing supply chain innovation and technology to "reshore" more food in-state.

Tech startups greening Ohio's economic landscape

Ohio's technology start-up landscape has grown in leaps from the virtual wasteland it was a decade ago, with brainy go-getters from across the state pushing the upsurge. Find out how these entrepreneurs were able to get a toehold in the space and just how Ohio is growing its new economic garden.

To accommodate rapidly growing staff, Explorys moves into former museum space in Cleveland

Explorys, which offers a secure software platform that allows healthcare systems to summarize, analyze and manage data, has moved into the former home of MOCA. The Cleveland-based company currently has more than 80 employees and is expected to climb to between 110 and 125 by next year.

Planting for the future: Pre-seed funds help Ohio startups to grow

As the founders of Ecolibrium Solar, Coupsmart and other startups can attest, pre-seed funding is helping Ohio companies find their footing when their founders don’t have the financial resources to get started on their own.
351 Articles | Page: | Show All
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