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success of venture capital firms shows that ohio is a leader in investment opportunities

If you're looking for evidence that venture capitalists are increasingly flocking to Ohio, look no further than the success of Athenian Venture Partners, whose 2003 AVP Ohio fund was recently ranked the top fund of its vintage by Preqin. That success is testament to the increasingly vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ohio, which is drawing venture capital.

great lakes venture fair will showcase ohio tech startups

On the heels of London's breathtaking Olympic Games comes the Elevator Pitch Olympics. Startup companies will soon have the chance to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists for about as long as it takes to ride an elevator to the 50th floor. That's just one of the events at the upcoming Great Lakes Venture Fair, which takes place October 15th-17th in Cleveland.

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thanks to growing tech scene, knotice recruits top talent from its backyard and beyond

Akron-based digital marketing company Knotice counts major international companies among its clients and will soon hire its 100th employee. Knotice has been able to attract and retain talent because of its market innovation, an open office environment that encourages creativity and the strong, growing tech scene in Northeast Ohio.

youngstown business incubator nourishes a vibrant tech sector

In the past decade, the Youngstown Business Incubator has created more than 400 software jobs in downtown Youngstown. Nearly all of these 32 companies are still in the heart of the Mahoning Valley. hiVelocity recently caught up with YBI Chief Evangelist Jim Cossler to talk about Youngstown's burgeoning tech scene and his unusual model of not graduating companies.

the audacity of the talent dividend

The communities competing for the $1 million Talent Dividend Prize have a modest goal: boosting the number of college degrees in their city by one percentage point. If every participating city meets that goal, it could raise national earnings by a stunning $124 billion.

5 cleveland-based mobile app developers on the move

“By 2015, more people will access the web from their smartphone than from their desktops and laptops,” says EXP president Barb Cagely. In Northeast Ohio, numerous app developers are ahead of the curve, dreaming up mobile apps that do everything from enriching your tourism experience to ensuring that workers in the field have all the resources they need.

three toledo entrepreneurs worth watching

Toledo's tech entrepreneurs say that Northwest Ohio is nourishing startups by offering funding, business support and peer-to-peer collaboration. Can the growing entrepreneurial scene here bring new life to this traditional manufacturing town? Here's a look at three Toledo companies -- Classbag, Netronex and Seed Coworking -- shaking things up in The Glass City.

community colleges play vital role in helping workers advance their skills in a knowledge economy

What if you lost your job and needed to advance your skills to stay competitive in the market? Where would you turn? Increasingly, community colleges offer accessible training options for displaced workers, inexperienced high school grads and seasoned professionals who are looking to earn a professional certification. The cost is affordable, and their role in helping advance Ohio's economy is priceless.

viewing ohio cities as startups

What if we viewed Ohio cities as startups? "The ingredients for a successful startup and a successful city are remarkably similar," argues tech blogger Jon Bischke. You need to build stuff that people want. You need to attract talent. And you need capital to get your fledgling ideas to a point of sustainability.

from cowtown to techtown: columbus as a startup city

Columbus was recently ranked the 8th hottest technology job market in the U.S., lending credence to what many locals already know. Take a tour through the capital city's renewed neighborhoods and vibrant downtown with Mayor Michael Coleman as your trusty guide, and find out how a city once dismissively referred to as "cowtown" is rapidly becoming a startup city.

founders profile: victoria tifft, 2012 small business person of the year

Victoria Tifft contracted malaria three times during her stint in the Peace Corps, learning firsthand how illnesses can devastate the lives of people in Third World Countries. Once back in the U.S., she was inspired to create Clinical Research Management, a company that conducts clinical research services and now has 350 employees worldwide. Tifft was recently named U.S. Small Business Person of the Year.

history of innovation: dayton mounts a comeback based on young professionals

Despite its rich, historic assets, the City of Dayton has for decades been outcompeted by larger cities when it comes to attracting young professionals. Now city leaders are launching a broad effort to change that by focusing on recruiting and retaining college graduates through internship programs and other opportunities.

physician inventors flock to ohio

In recent years, Ohio has become home to a bevy of physician inventors, thanks in part to the presence of leading health care institutions, a supportive web of entrepreneurial programs and critical early stage capital.  hiVelocity takes a peek at some of these docs' latest inventions, how they were created and how they'll benefit patient care.

brewing up a business: from homebrewer to microbrewer

Cleveland is nationally known as a brewing mecca. While established breweries like Great Lakes and Buckeye Brewing continue to expand, smaller startups are popping up in their shadows. Nourished by home-brewing clubs and finding strong models in Cleveland’s prize-winning breweries, many of these entrepreneurs started by brewing small batches in their basements or garages.
351 Articles | Page: | Show All
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