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Shop Green, Shop Cool, Shop Local -- great tech and environmentally friendly gifts from around Ohio

Did you know you could buy Jedi lightsaber candlesticks from an Ohio business? Or maybe a specialty healthy cooking vaccum seal item? Holiday shopping this year can be buy local, buy green and buy great with these sure to please Ohio holiday items.

The Talent Dividend: How more college grads can add to Ohio's bottom line through its cities

What's the best thing a city can do to achieve more economic success? Increase its number of college graduates. The most prosperous cities have the highest number of college grads. Read how the Talent Dividend calculates just how much college degrees add to a city's bottom line--think billions--and why cities from Cleveland to Cincinnati are among the 57 cities competing for the million dollar prize to boost college attainment.

Pond scum with promise

You may look at it and think, "Ew, pond scum!" But to one savvy Ohioan, the slimy green stuff holds a promising future for all of us.

Why Columbus is thankful for Liz Lessner's innovative business style this holiday season

This holiday season, Columbus is thankful for one of its most savvy and influential business owners--Liz Lessner.

Tiny fluid samples get big results in U of C tech lab

University of Cincinnati puts $3 million grant to use developing less expensive, more precise medical diagnostic tools and in the long term opens up new opportunities and jobs for product development and manufacturing.

Lifelong struggle with dyslexia powers one of Ohio's most successful entrepreneurs

Janis Mitchell is the first to admit she's battled a lifetime of demons--but they never stopped her, she said. Instead, they've helped her become one of Ohio's biggest entrepreneurial success stories.

Crooner turns industry knowledge into streaming country startup

Country singer Jeff Best cuts a unique figure among Ohio's start-up entrepreneurs. Rather than sporting horn-rimmed glasses and a MacBook, the founder of CountryMusicRadio.com is just as likely to walk into his Youngstown Business Incubator office carrying a guitar and rocking a cowboy hat.

Rich Langdale: entrepreneur, venture capitalist, mentor

Serial entrepreneurs can be found in every community and corner of Ohio. Finding a serial entrepreneur-turned venture capitalist is rarer. Rich Langdale is one of those.

Homework: home-based businesses are on the rise

As the economic malaise enters its umpteenth year, many creative folks are using it as an opportunity to grab a little slice of the artisan marketplace. With or without day jobs, a new breed of craftspeople are cultivating home-grown companies by doing what they love. Some are eager to branch out, while others are just tickled to have a creative outlet.

MedCity Media finds growth niche in biomedical reporting

MedCity Media was created in 2009 to highlight Ohio's burgeoning biomedical industry. Since then it has expanded into two other markets and has become a go-to resource for those tracking developments few others are reporting.

The Brandery: Local impact, national attention

Named as one of the top 10 business accelerator programs in the nation last spring, The Brandery in Cincinnati is now nurturing its second group of entrepreneurs while its first "graduates" spread their wings.

Happy birthday to us, and a sneak peek at the future

On Sept. 23, 2009, hiVelocity debuted with the goal of highlighting businesses and individuals who are propelling Ohio's high-tech economy forward. Now, we're moving forward, too.

Q&A: Cohesion Business Technology's John Owens on entrepreneurship and lessons learned

In the span of 12 years, John Owens has taken his company, Cohesion Business Technology, from a two-man operation that worked from his Cincinnati home to one of southwestern Ohio's largest technology services firms with annual revenue on the north side of $20 million.

Video: Bill Cooper, the iPod Kid

Bill Cooper started reviewing mobile apps in high school. Now a University of Dayton student, Cooper has built his YouTube presence into a way to pay for college.

JackThreads defies tradition as Midwest-based fashion leader

With hard work and an eye for innovation, Columbus native Jason Ross has defied convention with men's fashion website JackThreads.
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